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Fever Tree Discography

Fever Tree were formed (originally as Bostwick Vine) in Houston in 1966. Their first album, released in 1968 was commercially successful, the associated single San Francisco Girls reached the top 100. The second and third albums followed in 1968 and 1969. The fourth album was released as the band was breaking up in 1970. It's possible that the tracks on this last album are outtakes from the earlier albums with additional material overdubbed by studio musicians. A new line-up featuring only Michael Knust from the original group using the group name performed live and recorded an EP in 1978.

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Fever Tree - Albums

info Fever Tree, Fever Tree, 1968
info Another Time Another Place, Fever Tree, 1968
info Creation, Fever Tree, 1969
info For Sale, Fever Tree, 1970

Fever Tree - Reunion releases

no info Fever Tree Return EP, Fever Tree, 1979?, Buttermilk 711X4779-102
info Live At Lake Charles 1978, Fever Tree, 1999

Fever Tree - Compilations

no info San Francisco Girls, Fever Tree, 1986, See for Miles 71
no info The Best Of Fever Tree, Fever Tree, 198?, Back Trak
info San Francisco Girls: Best Of Fever Tree, Fever Tree, 1993, Era
info Fever Tree/Another Time Another Place, Fever Tree, 1997
info Filigree and Shadows, Fever Tree, 2002

Fever Tree - Singles

no info Hey Mister / I Can Beat Your Drum, Fever Tree, 1967, Mainstream 661
no info Girl, Oh Girl (Don't Push Me) / Steve Lenore, Fever Tree, 1967, Mainstream 665
no info San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native) / Come With Me (Rainsong) , Fever Tree, 1968, UNI 55095
no info Love Makes The Sun Rise / Filigree And Shadow, Fever Tree, 1968, UNI 55146
no info Clancy (Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing) / The Sun Also Rises, Fever Tree, 1969, UNI 55172
no info Catcher In The Rye / WhatTime Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake City? , Fever Tree, 1969, UNI 55202
no info I Am / Grand Candy Young Sweet, Fever Tree, 1970, UNI 55228
no info She Comes In Colors / You're Not The Same Baby, Fever Tree, 1970, Ampex 11013
no info I Put A Spell On You / Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go, Fever Tree, 1970, Ampex 11028

Various artist compilations that include tracks by Fever Tree

info KYA 21 Golden Gate Greats, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1969?
info Angels Die Hard Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1970
info Songs Of A Psychedelic Age, Various Artists, 197?
info Boulders, Vol. 8, Various Artists, 1983
info Mindrocker Vol. 12, Various Artists, 1984
info Nuggets, Vol. 11: Pop Part IV, Various Artists, 1985
info Baubles, Various Artists, 1988
info Victims Of Circumstances, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1989
info Houston Post - Nowsounds Groove-In, Various Artists, 1990
info 60's Rule! Chapter 1, Various Artists, 1991
info Classic Rock: Rock Renaissance, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 1991
info Psychedelic Mind Trip, Various Artists, 1993
info Psychedelic Pop, Various Artists, 1996
info Psychedelic Perceptions, Various Artists, 1996
info Morning Glory Daze: Universal Soft Rock Collection Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1997
info Power Chords, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1997
info 60's Hits, Various Artists, 1999
info Victims Of Circumstances, Vol. 2 (CD version only), Various Artists, 199?
info Garage Beat '66 Vol. 1: Like What, Me Worry?!, Various Artists, 2004

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