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Freight & Salvage Discography

This is a discography of albums recorded at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. The Freight & Salvage opened as a coffee house in 1968 when Nancy Owens took on the lease of a furniture stote at 1827 San Pablo Avenue. The business sign of the store was retained as the name of the coffee house. By the early 1970's the club was the focal point of the Berkeley folk music scene. In 1983 the club was incorporated as the Berkeley Society for the Preservation of Traditional Music. In 1988 the club moved to 1111 Addison Street. The Freight & Salvage Coffee House is a "nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting public awareness and understanding of traditional music". See the Freight & Salvage website for more information.

info Berkeley Farms: Oldtime and Country Style Music of Berkeley, Various Artists, 1972

info Live At The Freight, Glenn Diamond / The Children Of Paradise, 19??

info The Benefit Tape, Glenn Diamond / Eclectic Shock / The Children Of Paradise, 19??

info In Concert, John Fahey, 1996
info In Concert, Bob Brozman, 1996
info In Concert, Martin Simpson, 1996
info In Concert, Pierre Bensusan, 1996
info In Concert at the Freight & Salvage, Pat Donohue, 1997

info On My Way, Teja Gerken, 1999 (1 song)

info Live At The Freight & Salvage, Rebecca Riots, 1999

info Dynablob 3: 26th March 1999, John Wesley Harding, 1999
info Blue Notes, Paul Burch & the WPA Ballclub, 2000
info Live At The Freight And Salvage, MacRae Brothers, 1999

info Live at the Freight, Marley's Ghost, 2001

info Live at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House, John Lester, 2001
info Live At The Freight, John McCormick, 2002

info Live At Freight & Salvage, Hot Buttered Rum String Band, 2002

info Hojo Mojo with Chojo: Houston Jones Live, Houston Jones, 2003

info Live in Berkeley, The Original Country Joe Band, 2005
info Stop and Listen: Live at the Freight, Suzy Thompson, 2005
info Big Blue Sky, Rachel Garlin, 2004
info Live At The Freight & Salvage, MaryAnn Price and Naomi Ruth Eisenberg, 2004
info Live At The Freight, Jeff Sanford's Cartoon Jazz Band, 2004
info KFOG: Live from the Archives, Vol. 12, Various Artists, 2005 (1 song)

info Live Band Tonight, Claudia Russell and the Folk Unlimited Orchestra, 2007

info On The Holiday Highway, The Christmas Jug Band, 2009

info Live At The Freight And Salvage, Misner & Smith, 2010
info Live At The Freight And Salvage, Three At Last, 2010
info Live! Freight And Salvage Coffeehouse, Susie Glaze & The Hilonesome Band, 2011

info Live Alone At The Freight And Salvage, Graham Parker, 2012

Last updated May 2013