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Plush Room Discography

This is a discography of albums recorded at the Plush Room. The Plush Room is located in the York Hotel at 940 Sutter Street. It originally opened as a nightclub in the late 1920's. For more information see the York Hotel / Plush Room website.

info Bogie, Jackie and Roy, 1986
info Full Circle, Jackie and Roy, 2001?

info Marcovicci Sings Movies, Andrea Marcovicci, 1989

info Live in San Francisco, Weslia Whitfield, 1991

info Live at the Plush Room, Steve Sittum, 1998
info Something Wonderful, Anne Kerry Ford, 1998

info Live at the Plush Room, Jacqui Naylor, 2001
info Songs To Offend Almost Everyone, Sharon McNight, 2001

info After Hours at the Plush Room, Mychelle Colleary, 2002
info Playing Favorites!, Cathi Walkup, 2002

info Live at the Plush Room, Mike Greensill, 2004

info Judy Sings Judy: Live At the Empire Plush Room, Judy Butterfield, 2005

Last updated May 2006