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Tripsichord Music Box / Tripsichord Discography

Tripsichord grew out of group called The Ban who were formed in the Santa Barbara area in 1965. The group moved to Los Angeles and changed their name to Now. They moved to the Bay Area in 1967 and changed their name to Tripsichord Music Box. Their first recordings, made at the end of 1967, appeared on the San Francisco Sound compilation Fifth Pipe Dream. They shortened their name to Tripsichord sometime in 1970. The group recorded the material for their only album in 1969 but it was not released until 1971.

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Tripsichord albums

info Tripsichord, Tripsichord, 1971

Tripsichord compilations

info Tripsichord (Extended version), Tripsichord, 2000

Tripsichord singles

no info Times And Seasons / Sunday The Third, Tripsichord, 1970, San Francisco Sound 115
no info We Have Passed Away/Fly Baby, Tripsichord, 1971, San Francisco Sound 127

Various artists compilations that include Tripsichord tracks

info Fifth Pipe Dream, Various Artists, 1969
info Then And Now, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 199?
info Then And Now, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 199?

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