Blue Suede Shoes

Composer: Carl Perkins

Grateful Dead

No Grateful Dead recordings.


The following list is not intended to be comprehensive.

no info Single: Blue Sude Shoes / Honey Don't, Carl Perkins, 1955
no info Single, Pee Wee King, 1956
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info Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Live (DVD), Various Artists (Paul McCartney), 2009


Performed once by the Grateful Dead at a soundcheck.

According to a number of sources the genesis of Blue Suede Shoes was roughly as follows. In late 1955 Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins were playing a show in Amory, Mississippi. Cash suggested to Perkins that he write a song based on a phrase he'd heard in the food line in the army - 'Don't step on my shoes'. A few nights later Perkins was playing in Jackson, Tennessee and saw a dancer at the front of the crowd trying to keep his partner away from his blue suede shoes. At 3.00 am the next morning Perkins woke with the song taking form. He went downstairs and wrote the lyrics out on an empty potato bag. It was then worked up by Perkins and his brothers before being auditioned for Sun in early December 1955.

Three versions of the song were recorded in early December and one of these released in late December (possibly 1st January 1956) with Honey, Don't as the b-side (Sun 234).

It was the first single to reach the top 5 in the Country charts (#1), R & B charts (#3) and pop charts (#2).