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Dinosaurs were formed in 1982 following a trio show by Barry Melton, Peter Albin and Spencer Dryden. During this show a member of the audience asked if they knew a specific song and Melton replied "No, we're just a bunch of old dinosaurs." John Cipollina was asked if he wanted to join and the quartet became Dinosaurs. Their intention was to encourage guests to sit in and to play for fun and not all that frequently as they were involved in other groups. Robert Hunter sat in for part of an early show in June 1982 and became a member of the band.

Robert Hunter left the band in 1984 and Merl Saunders joined. Dinosaurs continued to play intermittently through the 1980's. John Cipollina died in 1989. Papa John Creach joined the band in 1990. They performed their last show as Dinosaurs in 1996.

Guests who have sat in with the band over the years include; Mickey Hart, Michael Wilhelm, Nicky Hopkins, David Getz, Sam Andrew, David Nelson, Country Joe McDonald, Matthew Kelly, Norton Buffalo, David Bennett Cohen, Kathi McDonald, Charlie Musselwhite, David LaFlamme, Skip Spence and James Gurley.

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Dinosaurs albums

info Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, 1988
info Friends Of Extinction, Dinosaurs, 2005

Dinosaurs repertoire

This is, of necessity, a partial list of songs performed by Dinosaurs.

info After Midnight
info Ain't It Good To Be Alive (see Better Bad Luck)
info Amagamalin Street
info The Answer (see Do I Move You?)
info Babble On (see Babylon)
info Babylon
info Banana Boat Song
info Beautiful City
info Better Bad Luck
info Betty And Dupree
no info Blind Man
info Blue Suede Shoes
info The Bomb Song
info Boogie On Reggae Woman
info Boys In The Barroom
info Bright Sun Is Shining (see Sun Is Shining)
info Bring It With You When You Come
no info Built For Comfort
info Butcher's Boy
info Caterpillar
info Closer
no info Codine
info Colorado Town
info Come On (see Love)
info Crooked Judge
info The Cuckoo
info The Dance (aka Do The Dance)
info Dancin' Fool (see I'm A Dancin' Fool)
info Dinosaur
info Do I Move You?
no info Down The Road A Piece
no info Dust My Broom
info Easy Wind
info Falling For Your Love (see Caterpillar)
info Fire On The Mountain
info Flying High
info Franklin's Tower
no info Gallo Del Cielo
info Get It All Together
info Good Old Rock And Roll
info Good To Be Alive (see Better Bad Luck)
info Got Love (see Love)
info Gypsy Parlor Light
info Helping Hand (see S.O.S.)
info Hi-Heel Sneakers
info Highway 61 Revisited
no info Hokey Pokey (aka Hokey Cokey)
info Honky Tonk Jekyll & Hyde
no info How Blue Can You Get
info Howard Hughes Blughes
no info I Can See Clearly Now
info I Can't Dance
no info I Can't Get Started
info I Got Love (see Love)
info I'm A Dancin' Fool
info If You're In A Hurry (see One Thing To Try)
info Independence Day
info It
info Jack O' Diamonds (see The Cuckoo)
info The Jealous Kind
info Jesse James
info Johnny B Goode
no info Just A Vagabond (?)
info Kick In The Head
info Last Flash Of Rock & Roll
no info Lawdy Miss Clawdy
info Lay Back Baby
info Level With Me
info Love
info The Love Machine
info Lovely Night For Dancing
info Midnight Special
info Mojo Navigator
info Mona
info Motel Party Baby
info Mountains In Dreamland
info My Creole Belle
info My Darlin' Baby (see My Creole Belle)
info My Problems Got Problems
info New Minglewood Blues
info New Speedway Boogie
no info New York Town
info No More Country Girls
info One Thing To Try
info One Way Out
info Only To Believe
info Passin' Through
no info Pastures Of Plenty
info Please Don't Drop That H Bomb On Me (see The Bomb Song)
info Promontory Rider
info Radiation (see Seventh Seal)
info Reelin' & A-Pitchin'
info Resurrection Rag
no info Rock And Roll Music
no info Rock Around The Clock
no info Route 66
info Ruby (see The Jealous Kind)
info S.O.S.
info Same Old Face (see Closer)
info San Francisco Shuffle
info Save The Whales
info Seventh Seal
info Shake, Rattle & Roll
info Ships On The Mountain (see Mountains In Dreamland)
info Slack String Quartet
no info Sloop John B
info Someone To Love Me (see Who's Gonna Love Me)
no info St Louis Blues
no info Standing Down In New York Town (see New York Town)
info Strange Way
info Streetwise
info Sugaree
info Sun Is Shining
info Take A Whiff On Me
info Talkin' Money Tree
no info Tell Ol' Bill
info That Pleases Me (see Do I Move You?)
info That's How Strong My Love Is
info (Thing Called) Love (see Love)
info Thirty Days
info Tiger Rose
info To Believe (see Only To Believe)
info Treat Her Right (see When You Got A Good Friend)
info Tricky Dicky
info Trouble In Mind
info Twelve Gates Of The City (see Beautiful City)
info Way Down (see Jesse James)
info We Are Like The Ocean
info West LA Fadeaway
info What Can It Be? (see It)
info When You Got A Good Friend
info Who Makes The Moves?
info Who's Gonna Love Me
info Wild About My Baby (see Bring It With You When You Come)
info Willie And The Hand Jive
no info Worried Man Blues
info Worried Song
info You Can Leave Your Hat On
info You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
info You Gave Me The Sunshine

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