East Virginia Blues

Composer: Traditional

Weir/Robinson/Greene Trio

info May 25, 2012, Summercamp Festival, Chillicothe, IL, 2012
info May 27, 2012, Bella Music Fest, Geneva, MN, 2012
info May 30, 2012, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, 2012
info June 2, 2012, Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO, 2012


East Virginia Blues
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East Virginia
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Played by Bob & Jerry (Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia) at a private function in May 1961.

Played by an unnamed bluegrass band with Garcia on banjo at an unknown venue in Burlingame in January 1962.

On the Burlingame tape this song is usually listed as Greenback Dollar but the song performed at the show is East Virginia Blues. Greenback Dollar is a more recent song derived from the East Virginia Blues/Dark Holler family that uses the "I don't want the greenback dollar" line . The song also occurs on other recordings as just East Virginia.

The lyrics from the Burlingame 1962 tape are as follows;

I was born in East Virginia,
North Carolina I did go,
There I met the fairest maiden,
Her name and age I did not know.

Well her hair was dark in color,
And her cheeks were rosy red,
On her breast she wore a white lily,
Where I longed to lay my head.

I don't want the greenback dollar,
I don't want the big gold chain,
All I want is your love darling,
Won't you please come back again.

I wish I was in some dark holler,
Where the sun would never shine,
Than for you to be in some man's arms,
And to know you'll never be mine.