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The Great Society Discography

The Great Society were formed in San Francisco in October 1965. The original line-up of the group was Grace Slick, Jerry Slick, Darby Slick, David Miner, Bard DuPont and Peter van Gelder. The group split up in the Fall of 1966 shortly after Grace Slick joined Jefferson Aiplane. They released one single during their existence. Columbia subsequently released two LPs of live material to cash in on the success of Jefferson Airplane with Grace Slick.

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The Great Society albums, collections and compilations

info Conspicuous Only In Its Absence, The Great Society, 1968
info How It Was, The Great Society, 1968
no info Somebody To Love, The Great Society, 1971 (repackaging of Conspicuous Only In Its Absence)
no info Great Society, The Great Society, 1971 (repackaging of How It Was)
info Live At The Matrix, The Great Society, 1989
info Born To Be Burned, The Great Society, 1995
info Collector's Item, The Great Society, 199?

The Great Society singles

no info Someone To Love / Free Advice, The Great Society, 1965, North Beach 1001
no info Sally, Go 'Round The Roses / Didn't Think So, The Great Society, 1968, CBS 44583

Various artists compilations that include The Great Society tracks

info San Francisco Roots, Various Artists, 1968
info The Columbia Sound - A Collection Of 16 Original Big Hits, Various Artists, 1968
info Rock Machine I Love You, Various Artists, 196?
info Beautiful People, Various Artists, 197?
info Heavy Hits, Various Artists, 197?
info Super Pop Rock & Soul, Various Artists, 197?
info Psychedelic Dream: A Collection of '60s Euphoria, Various Artists, 1982
info Nuggets, Vol. 7: Early San Francisco, Various Artists, 1985
info The Autumn Records Story, Various Artists, 1986
info San Francisco Nights, Various Artists, 1991
info Jefferson Airplane Loves You (Box Set), Jefferson Airplane, 1992
info The Best of the Rock Machine Turns You On, Various Artists, 1992
info Microdelia, Various Artists, 1995
info Someone to Love, Various Artists, 1996
info Psychedelic Visions, Various Artists, 1997
info On Your Radio, Various Artists, 2003
info Woodstock Generation, Various Artists, 2004
info Creative Outlaws: US Underground 1962-1970, Various Artists, 2005
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007
info Rock Songs: The Best Of 50 Years, Various Artists, 2008
info Pure... Psychedelic Rock, Various Artists, 2011
info Late Night Tales: MGMT, Various Artists, 2011
info Lightning Striking, Various Artists, 2021
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