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Songs recorded or performed by the New Riders Of The Purple Sage

The following songs have been recorded or performed by the New Riders Of The Purple Sage. This list of performed songs is based on the NRPS set lists collected in the archive section of the NRPS web site. I am most grateful for being allowed to use the information in this way. Additional set list information has been derived from NRPS shows on archive.org.

For each of the songs details of recordings by the NRPS are listed. A selection of other recordings is listed for the songs but this selection is not always intended to be comprehensive.

Additions and corrections are welcome

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Song Recorded Performed

info 17 Pine AvenueYesYes

info A-11  Yes
info All I Ever Wanted YesYes
info All I RememberYes 
info Amazing GraceYes 
info Annie MayYes 
info Another Year Older Yes
info Any Naked EyeYesYes
info Ashes of LoveYesYes
info Austin, TexasYesYes

info Bang Bang  Yes
info Bankrobber  Yes
info Barbaric SplendorYes 
info Barracuda MoonYesYes
info Before The Next Teardrop FallsYesYes
no info Big Dog Yes
info Big EdYes 
info Big Fool Of The Year Yes
info Big River Yes
info Big SixYesYes
info Big WheelsYesYes
info Big Yellow Taxi Yes
info Black Velvet Elvis Yes
info Blue Yodel No. 1 (T For Texas)YesYes
info Blues BarrelYesYes
info The Bottle Let Me Down Yes
info Bounty HunterYes 
info Brown Eyed Handsome Man Yes
info Buckaroo Yes
info By And By When I Need YouYes 

info California DayYesYes
info Can't Get Over YouYes 
info Can't Pay The Price Yes
info Carl Perkins Wears The CrownYesYes
info Casey Jones Yes
info Cathy's Clown Yes
info CeciliaYesYes
info Cement, Clay and GlassYes 
info Change In The WeatherYes 
info Charlie's GardenYes 
info Chopping Down Trees For Jesus Yes
info Close Up The Honky Tonks Yes
no info Coat Of Many Colors Yes
info Cold Jordan Yes
info Cold Rain And Snow Yes
info ConnectionYesYes
info ContractYesYes
info Crazy ArmsYesYes
info Crazy Little GirlYesYes
info Crooked JudgeYesYes
info Crossover Yes
info Cupful Of Rain Yes

info Day Dreamin' GirlYes 
info Dead FlowersYesYes
info Death and DestructionYesYes
info Deep Elem Blues Yes
info Deh RominapYes 
info Delilah Yes
no info Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)Yes 
no info Devil Doll Yes
info Diamond JoeYesYes
info Diesel On My TailYes 
no info Diggy Yes
info Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)YesYes
info Dire WolfYes 
info Dirty BusinessYesYes
info Don't Put Her DownYes 
info Don't Take Any Chances Yes
info Down For The RideYesYes
no info Down In Mississippi Yes
info Down In The BoondocksYesYes
info Down The MiddleYesYes
no info Drum Solo Yes
info Duncan And BradyYesYes

no info Early In The MorningYes 
info EchoesYes 
info El Paso Yes
info End Of Time Yes
info Every Time I Hear Your Voice Yes

info Fair Chance to KnowYesYes
info Falling Out Of Love Yes
info Farewell AngelinaYes 
no info Faster Than The Speed Of Sound Yes
info FennarioYesYes
info Fifteen Days Under The HoodYes 
info FivioYesYes
info Fly RightYes 
info For What It's Worth Yes
info Four Strong Winds Yes
info Franklin's Tower Yes
info Friend Of The DevilYes 
no info Froggie Went A-Courting Yes
info Full Moon at MidnightYes 
info Fun Fun Fun Yes

info Games People Play Yes
info Garden of EdenYesYes
info Ghost Train BluesYesYes
info Glendale TrainYesYes
info Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad Yes
info Going Round The HornYesYes
info Gone Home Yes
info A Good Woman Likes To Drink With The BoysYes 
info Got Leavin' On Her MindYesYes
info Got My Mojo Workin' Yes
info Green Eyes A FlashingYes 
info GroupieYesYes
info Gypsy CowboyYes 

info A Handful Of BrainsYes 
info A Handful Of Brains Part 2Yes 
info Hang By Me Yes
info Hard To HandleYes 
no info Heineken Slide Yes
info Hello Mary LouYesYes
info Hello Trouble Yes
info Henrietta Yes
info HenryYesYes
no info Hey Melinda-Yes
info Hi, Hello, How Are YouYesYes
info High RollersYes 
info HigherYesYes
info Hold On It's ComingYes 
info Hole In The Shoe Blues Yes
info Home GrownYes 
info Honky Tonk WomenYesYes
info Honky Tonkin' (I Guess I Done Me Some)Yes 
no info Hot Legs Yes
info How Long Blues Yes

info I Am Your Man Yes
info I Can Heal YouYes 
info I Don't Know YouYesYes
info I Don't Need No DoctorYesYes
info I Hear A Voice Calling Yes
info I Heard You've Been Laying My Old Lady YesYes
info I Know There's Someone Else Yes
info I Love To Sing My Ballad, Mama (But They ....YesYes
info I Still Miss Someone Yes
no info I Wanna Be Sedated Yes
info I Was The One Yes
info I'll Never Make You BlueYesYes
info I'm Bringing Home Good NewsYesYes
info I'm In Love With You Yes
info I'm Through With The Fish, HarveYes 
info I've Got A Tiger By The Tail Yes
info If You Hear Me When I'm Leavin' Yes
no info If You Want To Run Yes
info Important Exportin ManYesYes
info In The Pines Yes
info Instant Armadillo BluesYesYes
info It Never Hurts To Be Nice To SomebodyYes 
info It's Alright With MeYesYes
info It's O.K. To CryYes 

info JasperYes 
info Johnny B. Goode Yes
info Jordan Yes
info Joy Is The Journey Yes
info Julie Yes
info (Just) Another Night In RenoYes 
info Just The Way It Goes Yes

info Kaw-Liga Yes
info Keep On Keepin' OnYes 
info Kick In The HeadYesYes
info Knights And QueensYes 

info L.A. LadyYesYes
info La BambaYesYes
info The Lady Came From Baltimore Yes
info Last Lonely EagleYesYes
info The Last Time Yes
info Leaving On Her Mind (see Got Leavin' On Her Mind)YesYes
info Let It Bleed Yes
info Let It GrowYes 
info LindaYesYes
info Little Miss BadYes 
info Little Old LadyYesYes
info Live And Let Live Yes
info LlywelynYes 
info Lo And Behold Yes
info LochinvarYesYes
info Lodi Yes
info Lonesome L.A. CowboyYesYes
info Long Black Limousine Yes
info Long Black VeilYesYes
info Louie, Louie Yes
info Louisiana LadyYesYes
info Love Has Strange WaysYes 

info Maggie's Farm Yes
info Mama Tried Yes
info Me And My Uncle Yes
info Me And Bobby McGee Yes
info Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Yes
info Message In A BottleYesYes
info Midnight MoonlightYes 
info The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) Yes
info Mighty TimeYesYes
info Mind Your Own Business Yes
info My Dog, PeachesYesYes

info NadineYesYes
info Neon RoseYesYes
info New OrleansYesYes
no info The Next In Line Yes
info Night for Making LoveYes 
info Night Of The Living LonelyYes 
info No More Ballads Yes
info No Other LoveYes 
info No TimeYesYes
info Now I Call It LoveYes 

info Och TamaleYes 
info Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie Yes
info Oh, What A NightYes 
info Ol' Slewfoot Yes
info Old Old House Yes
info Old Man NollYesYes
info Olivia RoseYesYes
info On My Way Back HomeYes 
info On The AmazonYesYes
no info On Top Of Old SmokeyYesYes
info Once More Yes
info One Hundred Years From Now Yes
info One Too Many StoriesYesYes
info Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line Yes
info Only Rock & Roll (see I Love To Sing My Ballad, Mama . . .)YesYes
info Over And OverYesYes

info Paddy On The Turnpike Yes
info Pakalolo ManYes 
info Panama RedYesYes
info Parson BrownYesYes
info Pearls For My Lady Yes
info Peggy-OYesYes
info Peggy SueYes 
info Portland WomanYesYes
info Pour House jellyYes 
no info Pretty Little Miss In The Garden Yes
info Prisoner Of FreedomYesYes

info The Race Is On Yes
info Raga For Jerry Yes
info RainbowYesYes
info Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Yes
info Rancher's DaughterYes 
info Red Hot Women and Ice Cold BeerYesYes
info RippleYes 
info Rockin' With NonaYesYes
info Rocky Road Blues Yes
info Rose City Chimes Yes
info Runnin' Back To YouYesYes

info Sailin' YesYes
info SaralynYes 
info Sawmill Yes
info School DaysYesYes
no info Sea Cruise Yes
info Seasons Of My Heart Yes
info See So Far Yes
info SenoritaYes 
info Shake That ThingYesYes
info The Shape I'm In Yes
info She's Looking Better Every BeerYes 
info She's No AngelYesYes
info Sing Me A Rainbow (see Rainbow)YesYes
info Singing CowboyYesYes
info Six Days On The Road Yes
info Six Of OneYesYes
info Slewfoot Yes
no info Sliding DeltaYesYes
no info Somebody Loves You-Yes
info Something In The Air TonightYesYes
info Spike Driver Blues Yes
info Stagger Lee Yes
info Stolen Angel Yes
info Stone Ball Yes
info Strangers On A TrainYesYes
info Suite At The MissionYesYes
info Sunday SusieYesYes
info Sunshine Showers Yes
info SupermanYesYes
info Sutter's MillYesYes
info Sweet Lovin' OneYesYes
info Swing Low Sweet Chariot Yes
info Swimming SongYes 
info Swinging Doors Yes

info T For TexasYesYes
info Take A Letter MariaYesYes
info Take A RedYes 
info Taking It HardYes 
info Teardrops In My EyesYesYes
info Tell MeYes 
info Thank the DayYesYes
info That's All Yes
info That's What Love Will Make You Do Yes
info Them Old Minglewood BluesYesYes
info This Land Is Your Land Yes
info Thunder And Lightning"> Yes
info Tico Tico Yes
info Till I Met YouYes 
info To Have The Hurting End Yes
info Together Again Yes
info Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down Yes
info Truck Drivin' ManYesYes
info Truth Is DeadYesYes
info Tumbling Dice Yes
info Turkey In The Straw Yes
info Twenty Good MenYes 

info Uncle Pen Yes
info Up Against the Wall, Redneck MotherYesYes

info A Voice From On High Yes

info The Way She DancesYes 
info The Weight Yes
info West Of The Mississippi Yes
no info What's Made Milwaukee Famous Yes
info Whatcha Gonna DoYesYes
info Where Discipline Comes InYes 
info Where I Come FromYesYes
info Where There's Two There's Trouble Yes
info WhiskeyYesYes
info Who Likes Louie LouieYesYes
info Why I Love You I Can't Explain Yes
info Will I See You Tonight Yes
info Willie And The Hand JiveYesYes
info Wookie Kids Yes
info Workin' Man Blues Yes
info Workingman's WomanYesYes

info You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)YesYes
info You Angel YouYesYes
info You Can't Judge a Book By It's CoverYes 
info You Know It's Alright (see It's Alright With Me)YesYes
info You Lied Yes
info You Never Can TellYes 
info You Should Have Seen Me RunninYesYes

info Zebra Dun Yes

Last updated December 2021