Peggy-O / Pretty Peggy-O / Fennario
Composer: Traditional

Peggy-O occurs on recordings as Peggy-O, Pretty Peggy-O and Fennario (with spelling variations) and Marching To Fenario. All these recordings, regardless of the name used, are fairly similar. These appear to derive from the song collected by Cecil Sharp and published in English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians.

This song derives from the earlier Scottish traditional song Bonnie Lass of Fyvie-o. Fyvie is thought to have been a staging post between Aberdeen and Fort George in Scotland. This song does occur with a number of title variations. It is possible that Fennario is a corruption of Fyvie-o.

Similar traditional songs also occurred in the UK; Handsome Polly O and Bonny Barbara O, though these are less similar to the modern Peggy-O song.

The Grateful Dead first performed Peggy-O in December 1973. It was then played in every year through to 1995 usually no more than a dozen times each year though it was played more regularly during the 1977 to 1981 period. The last performance was on July 5, 1995.

The title Peggy-O is used on Grateful Dead recordings. The version of Peggy-O that is included in the Jerry Garcia box set All Good Things is a previously unreleased studio recordings from Spring 1979 and is given the title Fennario. The Fennario title is also used on concert recordings of The Dead and Phil Lesh & Friends.

Grateful Dead

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Robert Hunter

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Jerry Garcia

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The Dead

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Dead & Company

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Weir/Robinson/Greene Trio

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Goose w/ Bob Weir

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Phil Lesh & Friends

info Instant Live: June 23, 2006, Tampa, FL, 2006
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Bill Kreutzmann

info 7/13/21, Morrison, CO, Billy & The Kids, 2021

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