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The Tubes Discography

This is a discography of recordings by The Tubes. The discography is presented with titles grouped according to the type of recording.

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The Tubes

Major albums

info The Tubes, The Tubes, 1975
info Young and Rich, The Tubes, 1976
info Now, The Tubes, 1977
info What Do You Want From Live, The Tubes, 1978
info Remote Control, The Tubes, 1978
info The Completion Backward Principle, The Tubes, 1981
info T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities & Smash Hits) , The Tubes, 1981
info Outside/Inside, The Tubes, 1983
info Love Bomb, The Tubes, 1985
info Genius Of America, The Tubes, 1996
info Dawn Of The Tubes: Demo Daze and Radio Waves, The Tubes, 2000
info Infomercial: How to Become Tubular, The Tubes, 2000
info Tubes World Tour 2001, The Tubes, 2000
info Wild In London, The Tubes, 2005
info Live in America, The Tubes, 2007
info Mondo Birthmark, The Tubes, 2009

Tubes compilations

info The Best Of The Tubes 1981-1986, The Tubes, 1991
info The Best Of The Tubes, The Tubes, 1992
info Goin' Down, The Tubes, 1997
info Don't Want To Wait Anymore, The Tubes, 1998
info Hoods From Outer Space, Tubes, 1999
info 20th Century Masters: The Best of the Tubes, The Tubes, 2000
info White Punks On Dope, The Tubes, 2000
info Big Brother's Still Watching You, Tubes, 2000?
info Extended Versions, The Tubes, 2001
info Premium Gold Collection, The Tubes, 2001
info Masters of Rock, The Tubes, 2002
info The Best of the EMI Years, The Tubes, 2002
info White Punks on Dope (2 on 1), The Tubes, 2004
info Then and Now, The Tubes, 2004
info The Best Of, The Tubes, 2005 (Capitol)
info The Best Of, The Tubes, 2005 (Collectables)
info Young & Rich / Now, The Tubes, 2012

Tubes Singles

info White Punks On Dope, Pt 1 / White Punks On Dope, Pt 2, The Tubes, July 1975
info White Punks On Dope / What Do You Want From Life?, The Tubes, July 1975
info What Do You Want From Life? / Space baby, The Tubes, November 1975
info Don't Touch Me There / Proud To Be An American, The Tubes, June 1976
info Young and Rich / Love Will Keep Us Together, The Tubes, January 1977
info This Town / I'm Just A Mess, The Tubes, August 1977
info Show Me A Reason (live) / I Saw Her Standing There (live), The Tubes, July 1978
info Prime Time / No Way Out, The Tubes, 1979
info Love's A Mystery (I Don't understand) / Telecide, The Tubes, May 1979
info Don't Want To Wait Anymore / Think About Me, The Tubes, 1981
info Talk To Ya Later / Power Tools, The Tubes, 1981
info Gonna Get It Next Time / Sports Fans, The Tubes, 1982
info Tubular Holiday (fan club flexidisc), The Tubes, 1982
info She's A Beauty / When You're Ready To Come, The Tubes, April 1983
info The Monkey Time / Sports Fans, The Tubes, 1983
info Tip Of My Tongue / Keyboard Kids, The Tubes, 1983
info Happy Holidaze (fan club flexidisc), The Tubes, 1983
info Piece By Piece / Night People, The Tubes, March 1985

Tubes videos/DVDs

info Live: The Greek, The Tubes, 1995

Tubes music on various artist compilations

info Foreplay #5, Various Artists, 1978
info Xanadu Soundtrack, 1980
info The Horn Of Plenty : 20 Years of Music From A&M, Various Artists, 1982
info Plenty Good Music From Capitol, Various Artists, 1983
info Star Tracks, Various Artists, 1983
info Sound System, Various Artists, 1984
info Heavenly Bodies Soundtrack, 1984
info The California Connection: West Coast Rock 1966-1975, Various Artists, 1990, A&M 397-064-2
info Rock The First, Vol. 4, 1992
info An Elpee's Worth of Productions, 1992
info Capitol Records 50th Anniversary, Various Artists, 1992
info Great Sounds, Volume 2, 1992
info Rockin' the Tower, Various Artists, 1992
info Punk & Disorderly, Various Artists, 1993
info The Eighties Rock On, 1994
info New Wave Hits of the 80's, Vol. 8, 1994
info Spooky Tunes and Scary Melodies, 1994
info Cosmopolitan, Vol. 9, 1994
info Sedated In The 80s, Vol. 4, 1995
info Rock of the 80's, Vol. 3, 1995
info Rock of the 80's, Vol. 13, 1995
info Revenge Of The Monster Hits, 1995
info The Best Punk Album In The World ... Ever, Various Artists, 1995
info Alterno-Daze: Origin of the Species - 2000 BC To ?, 1995
info Frat Rock: The '80s, 1995
info Rock on 1983 (Madacy), 1996
info Rock on 1983 (Excelsior), 1996
info The Best Punk Album In The World ... Ever 2, Various Artists, 1996
info I Love Rock & Roll: Hits of the '80s, 1996
info Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1983, 1997
info VH-1: More of the Big 80's, 1997
info Rock On: 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, Various Artists, 1997
info Shape Fitness Music: Cardio, Vol. 2, 1997
info The Number Ones: Eighties Rock, 1998
info Runway Hits: Music from the Catwalk, 1998
info Sexy 80s, 1998
info Lost Hits of the 80's, 1998
info 80's Rock Party, Various Artists, 1998
info Greatest Hits Of The 80's, 1999
info Sexy 80s Collection, 1999
info Greatest Hits Of The 80's - New Wave Hits (Volume 4), 1999
info Awesome 80's, Vol. 5, Various Artists, 1999
info Party Pack, 1999
info Essential Eighties 2, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 2002
info Wild Boys, 2000
info California Rock, 2000
info The Eighties Collection, Various Artists, 2000
info California Rock, 2000
info Rock At Planet Earth, 2000
info Cosmic Grooves: Libra, Various Artists, 2001
info Complete Punk Collection: Cash From Chaos, Various Artists, 2002
info Capitol Records 1942 2002, Various Artists, 2002
info Eighties Complete, Volume 2, Various Artists, 2002
info Pop Art: Underground Sounds From Warhol Era, Various Artists, 2002
info Essential Eighties 2, Various Artists, 2002
info From the Heart: Pop Love, Volume 1, Various Artists, 2003
info Radio Caroline Calling: Rock, Various Artists, 2003
info Punk & Rock Classics, Various Artists, 2003
info Billboard #1s: The '80s, Various Artists, 2004
info Serious Ballads, Various Artists, 2004
info New Waves: 45 Original 45's From Post Punk Era, Various Artists, 2005
info New Wave '80s, Various Artists, 2005
info Best Of 1980-1981, Various Artists, 2005
info Only You, Various Artists, 2005
info The Best Of Glam Rock, Various Artists, 2006
info Full Power Rock: Power Ballads, Various Artists, 2006
info Then: Ultimate Rock Mix, Various Artists, 2007
info Legendary Power Ballads, Various Artists, 2008

Last updated January 2011