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Jack-A-Roe was first performed by the Grateful Dead in May 1977. It was then performed in every year except 1983, 1986 and 1987. Only in a handful of years though was it played more than 10 times. Altogether Jack-A-Roe was performed over 110 times.

Jack-A-Roe also occurs as Jackaroe or Jackaro. It is one of a number of closely related songs that also occur as Jack Monroe, Jack Munro, Jack The Sailor and The Love of Polly and Jack Monroe, possibly also as Jackie Frazer. Possibly the earliest recorded version of a similar song is titled Jack Munro and is held in the ballad collection of the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford. This dates from roughly around 1800. (Images of the original documents can be viewed at the Bodleian site.)

A number of versions are collected in Cecil Sharp's English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians and in subsequent folk song collections.

Other traditional songs share lyrics or the story line but are not as closely related.

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Dead & Company

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Billy & The Kids

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Jackie Monroe (as Jack The Sailor) is collected in Cecil Sharp's English Folk Songs From the Southern Appalachians. The lyrics in that publication are as follows;

There was a silk merchant
In London town did dwell,
He had one only daughter,
And the truth to you I'll tell
Sing lili, lili, O, O lili, lili, O

This young lady she was courted
By men of high degree;
There was none but Jack the sailor
Would ever do for she.

As soon as her waiting-maid
Heard what she did say,
She went unto her father
With her heart content.

Dear daughter, if this be true
What I have heard of you,
It's Jackie shall be vanished
And you confined shall be.

This body you may have,
My heart you can't confine;
There's none but Jack the sailor
That can have this heart of mine.

Poor Jackie, he's gone sailing
With trouble on his mind,
A-leaving of his country
And darling girl behind.

Poor Jackie, he's gone sailing,
His face we shall see no more.
He's landed at San Flanders
On the dismal sandy shore.

She went into the tailor shop
And dressed in men's array,
And went into a vessel
To convey herself away.
Before you step on board, sir,
Your name I'd like to know.
She smiled all over her countenance
"They call me Jack Monroe."

Your waist is light and slender,
Your fingers neat and small,
Your cheeks too red and rosy
To face the cannon ball.

I know my waist is light and slender,
My fingers are neat and small,
But I never change my countenance
To face the cannon ball.

The wars being over,
She hunted all around
Among the dead and wounded,
And her darling boy she found.

She picked him all up in her arms
And carried him to the town,
And sent for a physician
Who quickly healed his wounds.

This couple they got married,
So well did they agree.
This couple they got married,
And why not you and me?

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As Jack-A-Roe, Jackaroe, Jackaro or similar
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As Love of Polly and Jack Monroe
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The song also shares some lyrics, tune or story with the following songs. These include versions of Lily Monroe, The Silk merchants Daughter, Three Golden Guineas and Across The Rocky Mountain.

As Lily Monroe
no info Ballads, Burl Ives, 1959
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As Three Golden Guineas
no info Music of Tennessee. Recorded Live at the 1981 Brandywine Music Festival, Various Artists (Virgil Anderson), 1982

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