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Blue Cheer Discography

This is a discography of recordings by Blue Cheer. The discography is presented with titles grouped according to the type of release.

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Blue Cheer were formed in San Francisco in 1967. They had a hit with Summertime Blues which reached #11 in the charts in 1968 but the group never quite achieved national fame. After their first two LPs of raw power rock the personnel and musical style changed. They recorded four more LPs for Philips before splitting up for the first time in 1972. They briefly reformed in the 1975 and again in 1984. The latter reformation led to the release of new studio and live recordings. Further occasional recordings have followed. The current line-up of the band is based in Germany.

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Blue Cheer albums

info Vincebus Eruptus, Blue Cheer, 1968
info Outsideinside, Blue Cheer, 1968
info New! Improved! Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer, 1969
info Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer, 1970
info The Original Human Being, Blue Cheer, 1970
info Oh! Pleasant Hope, Blue Cheer, 1971
info The Beast Is ... Back, Blue Cheer, 1984
info Blitzkreig Over Nuremberg, Blue Cheer, 1989
info Highlights & Low Lives, Blue Cheer, 1990
info Dining With The Sharks, Blue Cheer, 1991
info Live And Unreleased '68-'74, Blue Cheer, 1996
info Live At San Jose Civic Center And More, Blue Cheer, 1996
info Hello Tokyo, Bye Bye Osaka, Blue Cheer, 1999
info Live: Bootleg, Blue Cheer, 2005
info What Doesn't Kill You..., Blue Cheer, 2007

Blue Cheer compilations

no info Best Of Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer, 1982
info Louder Than God: The Best of Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer, 1986
info Good Times Are So Hard to Find: The History of Blue Cheer, Blue Cheer, 1989
info The Best Of Yesteryear, Blue Cheer, 1990
info The Beast Is ... Back: The Megaforce Years, Blue Cheer, 1996 (Repackaging of The Best Is Back)

Blue Cheer singles

no info Summertime Blues/Out of Focus, Blue Cheer, 1968, Philips 40516
no info Just A Little Bit / Gypsy Ball, Blue Cheer, 1968, Phillips 40541
no info Feathers From Your Tree / Sun Cycle, Blue Cheer, 1968, Philips 40561
no info West Coast Child Of Sunshine / When It All Gets Old, Blue Cheer, 1969, Philips 40602
no info All Night Long / Fortunes, Blue Cheer, 1969, Philips 40651
no info Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham / Natural Men, Blue Cheer, 1970, Philips 40664
no info Fool / Ain't That The Way, Blue Cheer, 1970, Philips 40682
no info Pilot / Babaji (Twilight Rajs), Blue Cheer, 1970, Philips 40691

Various artists compilations that include Blue Cheer tracks

info Electric Food, Various Artists, 1968
info A Psychedelic Trip To Underground, Various Artists, 1969
info Zig-Zag Festival, Various Artists, 1970, Mercury
info Nuggets, Vol. 1: The Hits, Various Artists, 1984
info Highs Of The Sixties, Various Artists, 1986
no info Best of 60's Psychedelic Rock, Various Artists, 1990
info San Francisco Nights, Various Artists, 1991
info Hit Parader Magazine Salutes 20 Years of Metal, Various Artists, 1993
info Rockin' Sixties, Various Artists, 1993
info Biker Rock, Various Artists, 1993
info Dick Clark's All-Time Hits, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1994
info Music from The Wonder Years, Various Artists, 1994
info Music from The Wonder Years, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1994
info Guitar Rock: 1968-1969, Various Artists, 1994
info Guitar Heroes, Various Artists, 1995
info California Cruisin': 60's Rock, Various Artists, 1995
info Hard Rock Essentials: 1960's, Various Artists, 1995
info Rock'n Roll Relix: Five-Volume Collection 1960-69, Various Artists, 1996
info Rock'n Roll Relix 1968-1969, Various Artists, 1996
info San Francisco Daze, Various Artists, 1997
info Rock Festival, Various Artists, 1997
info Midsummer Night Dreams and San Francisco Daze, Various Artists, 1998
info Garage Band Classics, Various Artists, 1998
info Easyriders, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 1998
info Highway Rockin', Various Artists, 1998
info Guitar Rock: Guitar Thunder, Various Artists, 1998
info Summer Of Peace, Love And Music, Vol 2, Various Artists, 1999
info Guitar Rock, Various Artists, 1999
info The Progressive 60s, The Nice / The Pretty Things / Blue Cheer, 19??
info Jukebox Hits of 1968, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 2001
info Summer Of Peace, Love And Music, Various Artists, 2001
info 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of 60's Rock, Various Artists, 2003
info Easy Rider Soundtrack: Deluxe Edition, Various Artists, 2004
info Legends: Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy, Various Artists, 2004
info Creative Outlaws: US Underground 1962-1970, Various Artists, 2005
no info The Greatest Classic Rock Hits of All Time, Various Artists (Traffic), 2005
info Hits of the '60s, Various Artists, 2006
info Flower Power (Box set), Various Artists, 2007
info Flower Power: Born To Be Wild, Various Artists, 2007
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007
info Tour of Duty: Top 100, Various Artists, 2008
info Flower Power: Music of the Love Generation, Various Artists, 2010

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