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Rob Wasserman Discography

This is a discography of Rob Wasserman's recordings. The discography is presented with titles grouped according to the type of recording.

Rob Wasserman came to public notice as a member of David Grisman's quintet. He joined the group in 1979 and was a member until 1985. During the 1980's he recorded and performed with others including Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Bruce Cockburn and Rickie Lee Jones.

His main link with the Grateful Dead has been his performing association with Bob Weir. The two have performed as a duo since 1988. Wasserman was a member of Ratdog from the formation of the group in 1995 through to 2003. See the Weir/Wasserman and Ratdog pages for more detailed information.

Rob Wasserman recorded his debut solo album in 1983. This has been followed by a duo, trio and group releases under his own name.

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Solo/group leader/co-leader
albums / compilations / tutorials

Contributions to other albums
major albums / compilations

Rob Wasserman compositions
other albums with compositions

Solo, group leader or co-leader albums and compilations

info Solo, Rob Wasserman, 1983
info Duets, Rob Wasserman, 1988
info Rain Man: Original Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1989
info Rob Wasserman Teaches Acoustic Bass, Rob Wasserman, 198?
info Trios, Rob Wasserman, 1994
info Covering All The Bassists, Various Artists, 1994
info KFOG CD Sampler 1, Various Artists, 1994
info The Original Wang Dang Doodle, Willie Dixon, 1995
info Weir/Wasserman Live, Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman, 1998
info The SWR Sound, Various Artists, 199?
info New Acoustic Music, Various Artists, 199?
info Space Island, Rob Wasserman, 2000
info The Very Best Of Aaron Neville, Aaron Neville, 2000
info Dua, Ustad Sultan Khan and Rob Wasserman, 2001
info Bassically Me, Rob Wasserman, 2002
info The Ultimate Collection, Edie Brickell, 2002
info Trilogy, Rob Wasserman, 2004
info Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir, Bob Weir, 2004
info All Songs Considered: 4 CD Box Set Collection, Various Artists, 2004
info All Songs Considered, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 2004
info Cosmic Farm, Rob Wasserman / Craig Erickson / T Lavitz / Jeff Sipe, 2005
info Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound, Jerry Garcia Band / Weir & Wasserman, 2013

Playing contributions to other albums, singles and compilations

info Catfish For Supper, Jon Sholle, 1979
info Quintet '80, David Grisman, 1980
info Live, Stephane Grappelli and David Grisman, 1981
info Clockwork, Alex DeGrassi, 1991
info Dawg Grass / Dawg Jazz, David Grisman, 1982
info Mondo Mando, David Grisman, 1982
info Beautiful Vision, Van Morrison, 1982
info Windham Hill Records Sampler '82, Various Artists, 1982
info David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas, David Grisman, 1983
info Rhinestones And Steel Strings, Rory Block, 1983
info The World Of Rudy Cipolla, Rudy Cipolla, 1983
info Acousticity, David Grisman, 1985
info John McEuen, John McEuen, 1985
info Jazz Violin Celebration: Live In San Francisco, Darol Anger, David Balakrishnan, Matt Glaser, 1985
info Gator Strut, Mike Marshall, 1987
info The Highway Is For Heroes, Jesse Colin Young, 1987
info Best Blues And Originals, Rory Block, 1987
info New York, Lou Reed, 1988
info Flying Cowboys, Rickie Lee Jones, 1989
info Greenpeace - Rainbow Warrior, Various Artists, 1989
info Dawg Tracks, David Grisman, 198?
info Shelter, Lori Carson, 1990
info The Best of Van Morrison, Van Morrison, 1990
info Windham Hill The First Ten Years, Various Artists, 1990
info Mighty Like A Rose, Elvis Costello, 1991
info Magic And Loss, Lou Reed, 1991
info Panther Dream : A Story of the African Rainforest, Wendy and Bob Weir, 1991
info Until The End Of The World (Soundtrack), Various Artists, 1991
info For Our Children, Various Artists, 1991
info Billboard Top Modern Rock Tracks 1992, Various Artists, 1992
info Windham Hill Retrospective, Alex DeGrassi, 1992
info String Wizards 2, John McKuen, 1993
info Womanly Arts, Liz Meyer, 1993
info Christmas Sampler, Bruce Cockburn, 1994
info The Best Of Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1994
info Naked Songs, Rickie Lee Jones, 1995
info DGQ 20, David Grisman Quintet, 1996
info Charity Of Night, Bruce Cockburn, 1996
info Strings And Wings, Radim Zenkl, 1996
info Furthur, Various Artists, 1997
info Furthur More, Various Artists, 1997
info Fiesta Amazonica, Merl Saunders, 1997
info Best Blues And Originals, Vol. 2, Rory Block, 1997
info Between Us, Jules Shear, 1998
info Live In San Francisco, Stephane Grappelli, 1998
info Acoustic Holidays, Various Artists, 1998
info Cult Rockers: Rebels, Various Artists, 1998
info Mandolin Maestro, Rudy Cipolla, 1999
info Anytime At All, Banyan, 1999
info The Definitive Collection, Lou Reed, 1999
info Fish Tree Water Blues, Various Artists, 1999
info For Our Children: 10th Anniversary Edition, Various Artists, 1999
no info Radio 501 promotional sampler, Rob Wasserman/Les Claypool/Jay Lane, 199?
info Dead & Gone #2: Totenlieder - Songs of Death, Various Artists, 199?
info Evening Moods, Bob Weir and Ratdog, 2000
info The Wild Side: Best of Lou Reed, Lou Reed, 2000
info KBCO Studio C, Vol. 12, Various Artists, 2000
info Stoned Immaculate: , Various Artists, 2000
info Montreal Jazz Festival, Various Artists, 2002
info Anything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-2002, Bruce Cockburn, 2002
info The Deepest End, Gov't Mule, 2003
info NYC Man: The Ultimate Lou Reed Collection, Lou Reed, 2003
info The Evening of My Best Day, Rickie Lee Jones, 2003
info All the Way Live, Vinyl, 2004
info Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Bluegrass, Various Artists, 2004
info Duchess of Coolsville: An Anthology, Rickie Lee Jones, 2005
info 5 Gallons Of Diesel, Les Claytpool, 2005
info 12 Galaxies, San Francisco CA, December 28, 2006, Banyan feat. Steve Kimock
info 12 Galaxies, San Francisco CA, December 29, 2006, Banyan feat. Steve Kimock
info Forestville Club, Forestville, CA, March 07, 2007, Banyan feat. Steve Kimock
info Mazzotti's, Arcata, CA, March 08, 2007, Banyan feat. Steve Kimock
info WOW Hall, Eugene, OR, March 09, 2007, Banyan feat. Steve Kimock
info WOW Hall, Eugene, OR, March 10, 2007, Banyan feat. Steve Kimock
info Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA, June 08, 2007, Steve Kimock & Friends, 2007
info Solid Ground, Sara Wasserman, 2009
info Happy Birthday Bill Monroe: Dawg Plays Big Mon, David Grisman and various artists, 2011

Albums that include cover versions of Rob Wasserman compositions

Compositions on albums - major albums

info So Many Roads (1965-1995), Grateful Dead, 1999
info So Many Roads Sampler, Grateful Dead, 1999
info Furthur Most, Various Artists, 2000

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