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Vince Welnick Discography

Vince Welnick was a founder member of The Tubes and stayed with them until they initially disbanded in 1986. Vince Welnick joined the Grateful Dead in 1990 and remained a member of the group through to 1995. During this time the Dead did not release any studio recordings but archive live performances have subsequently been released.

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Performing appearances on albums, singles and compilations

Note that Tubes tracks featuring Vince Welnick have been included on numerous various artist compilations. These are included on the Tubes discography page but not on this page.

info The Tubes, The Tubes, 1975
info Single: White Punks On Dope, Pt 1 / White Punks On Dope, Pt 2, The Tubes, July 1975
info Single: White Punks On Dope / What Do You Want From Life?, The Tubes, July 1975
info Single: What Do You Want From Life? / Space baby, The Tubes, November 1975
info Young and Rich, The Tubes, 1976
info Single: Don't Touch Me There / Proud To Be An American, The Tubes, June 1976
info Now, The Tubes, 1977
info Single: Young and Rich / Love Will Keep Us Together, The Tubes, January 1977
info Single: This Town / I'm Just A Mess, The Tubes, August 1977
info What Do You Want From Live, The Tubes, 1978
info Remote Control, The Tubes, 1978
info Single: Show Me A Reason (live) / I Saw Her Standing There (live), The Tubes, July 1978
info Single: Prime Time / No Way Out, The Tubes, 1979
info Single: Love's A Mystery (I Don't understand) / Telecide, The Tubes, May 1979
info The Completion Backward Principle, The Tubes, 1981
info T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities & Smash Hits) , The Tubes, 1981
info Single: Don't Want To Wait Anymore / Think About Me, The Tubes, 1981
info Single: Talk To Ya Later / Power Tools, The Tubes, 1981
info Single: Gonna Get It Next Time / Sports Fans, The Tubes, 1982
info Single: Tubular Holiday (fan club flexidisc), The Tubes, 1982
info Outside/Inside, The Tubes, 1983
info Single: She's A Beauty / When You're Ready To Come, The Tubes, April 1983
info Single: The Monkey Time / Sports Fans, The Tubes, 1983
info Single: Tip Of My Tongue / Keyboard Kids, The Tubes, 1983
info Single: Happy Holidaze (fan club flexidisc), The Tubes, 1983
info Love Bomb, The Tubes, 1985
info First Chud, Bill Spooner, 1985
info Single: Piece By Piece / Night People, The Tubes, March 1985
info Nearly Human, Todd Rundgren, 1989
info The Lion For Real, Allen Ginsberg, 1989
info 2nd Wind, Todd Rundgren, 1991
info Infrared Roses, Grateful Dead, 1991
info The Best Of The Tubes 1981-1986, The Tubes, 1991
info The Best Of The Tubes, The Tubes, 1992
info Chance in a Million, Zero, 1994
info Grayfolded : Transitive Axis, Grateful Dead / John Oswald, 1994
info Grayfolded : Mirror Ashes, Grateful Dead / John Oswald, 1995
info Live: The Greek, The Tubes, 1995
info Second Sight, Second Sight, 1996
info Calling up the Spirits, Dick Dale, 1996
info Grayfolded, Grateful Dead / John Oswald, 1996
info If A Tree Falls, Various Artists, 1996
info Dick's Picks, Vol. 9, Grateful Dead, 1997
info Fallout From The Phil Zone, Grateful Dead, 1997
info Fiesta Amazonica, Merl Saunders, 1997
info Goin' Down, The Tubes, 1997
info Better Shred than Dead, Dick Dale, 1997
info The Very Best Of Todd Rundgren, Todd Rundgren, 1997
info I Love Life, Nenad Bach, 1997
info Guitars On Mars - Ocean of Sound, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 1997
info Missing Man Formation, Vince Welnick and Missing Man Formation, 1998
info Don't Want To Wait Anymore, The Tubes, 1998
info So Many Roads (1965-1995), Grateful Dead, 1999
info So Many Roads Sampler, Grateful Dead, 1999
info Dick's Picks, Vol. 17, Grateful Dead, 2000
info Best Of The Grateful Dead Hour, Grateful Dead, 2000
info Gathering On The Mountain: Live Part 1, Various Artists, 2000
info Gathering On The Mountain: Live Part 3, Various Artists, 2000
info Smallstone, Smallstone, 2000
info Mood Food, Mood Food, 2000
info Might as Well...The Persuasions Sing Grateful Dead, The Persuasions, 2000
info Dawn Of The Tubes: Demo Daze and Radio Waves, The Tubes, 2000
info Infomercial: How to Become Tubular, The Tubes, 2000
info 20th Century Masters: The Best of the Tubes, The Tubes, 2000
info White Punks On Dope, The Tubes, 2000
info View From The Vault II, Grateful Dead, 2001
info Uh-Oh, Tipsy, 2001
info Gifts From The Dead, Gifts From The Dead, 2001
info Premium Gold Collection, The Tubes, 2001
info Spiral, The Non-Prophets, 2002
info Tears Like Rain, Delta Wires, 2002
info The Best of the EMI Years, The Tubes, 2002
info Watching The Water, Groove.Org, 2002
info Todd Rundgren - Live in Japan 1990, Todd Rundgren, 2002 (DVD)
info Masters of Rock, The Tubes, 2002
info Dick's Picks, Vol. 27, Grateful Dead, 2003
info Across the Laguna, Various Artists, 2003
info The KUMD Sessions: Live From The Music Room #2, Various Artists, 2003
info On The Road: July 26, 2003 San Francisco, CA, String Cheese Incident, 2004
info Texistentialism, Jerry Lightfoot And His Band Of Wonder, 2004
info White Punks on Dope (2 on 1), The Tubes, 2004
info Then and Now, The Tubes, 2004
info Local Color, Solid Air, 2005
info A Thousand Years of Peace, Nenad Bach, 2005
info Garcia Plays Dylan, Jerry Garcia Band / Grateful Dead, 2005
info The Best Of, The Tubes, 2005 (Capitol)
info The Best Of, The Tubes, 2005 (Collectables)
info It Might Rain, Timmy/Eye, 2006
info Operation Stardust: 45 Years - Perry Rhodan, Various Artists, 2006
info Live in America, The Tubes, 2007
info Road Trips: Vol 2, Number 1: Madison Square Gardens, Sept 1990, Grateful Dead, 2008
info World Music Jam ... Or Is It Jelly?, Tiedye Keith, 2008
info Road Trips: Vol 2, Number 4: Cal Expo 1993, Grateful Dead, 2009
info Persuasions Of The Dead: The Grateful Dead Sessions, The Persuasions & Friends, 2011
info Live At The Keswick Theatre, Beatlejam, 2011
info Live At BB Kings Blues Club, Beatlejam, 2011
info Live At The Webster Theatre, Beatlejam, 2011
info Young & Rich / Now, The Tubes, 2012
info A Cappella / Nearly Human / 2nd Wind, Todd Rundgren, 2012
info Spill The Beans, The Beans, 2016
info Long Strange Trip, Grateful Dead, 2017
info The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live, 2018
info Giants Stadium 1987, 1989, 1991, Grateful Dead, 2019
info Saint Of Circumstance: Giants Stadium, 6/17/91, Grateful Dead, 2019
info Ready Or Not, Grateful Dead, 2019
info Naught Again, Zero, 2022

Compositions on albums

info Jenni Muldaur, Jenni Muldaur, 1993
info Trios, Rob Wasserman, 1994
info Tubes World Tour, The Tubes, 2000
info Furthur Most, Various Artists, 2000
info Philadelphia PA: October 16, 2003, Ratdog, 2003
info Wilkes-Barre PA: October 21, 2003, Ratdog, 2003
info Toronto ON: October 29, 2003, Ratdog, 2003
info Chicago IL: November 3, 2003, Ratdog, 2003
info Ft. Wayne IN: November 11, 2003, Ratdog, 2003
info Lawrence KS: November 18, 2003, Ratdog, 2003
info Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir, Bob Weir, 2004
info Wild In London, The Tubes, 2005
info Peace Meal, Carolyn Wonderland, 2011

Other non-playing appearances on recordings

info Mickey Hart's Mystery Box, Mickey Hart, 1996
info Evening Moods, Bob Weir and Ratdog, 2000
info 88 Keys to Tomorrow, Tom Constanten, 2002
info San Francisco, George Michalski, 2002

The Tubes
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Young And Rich
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What Do You Want From Live
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Remote Control
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Outside Inside
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Nearly Human
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Second Sight
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Missing Man Formation
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Dick's Picks 17
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Dick's Picks 27
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Road Trips, Vol 2 No 4
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