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Reference and source material bookshelf

In addition to the books listed in the Grateful Dead books section and the San Francisco books section a wide range of reference material has been used when collecting and confirming information presented on this site. The list below is a summary of reference material that exists in book form and a brief list of magazines and fanzines. Further information about most of the books is available via the 'info' button.

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Organisation of page : General music and musical genre books (alphabetically by title)
Books about individual groups/performers (alphabetically by group/performer name)
Magazines and fanzines (alphabetically by title)

General music and musical genre books (alphabetically by title)

info 78 Blues: Folksongs and Phonographs in the American South, John Minton, 2008

info The A-Z of Record Labels, Brian Southall, 2000
info All Music Guide to Rock: The Definitive Guide to Rock, Pop and Soul, 2002 (3rd ed)
info All Music Guide to Rock: The Experts Guide to the Best Recordings in Rock, Pop, Soul ..., 1997
info All Roots Lead to Rock: Legends of Early Rock N Roll: A Bear Family Reader, 1999
info All Shook Up: How Rock 'N' Roll Changed America, Glenn Altschuler, 2003
info American Ballads & Folk Songs, John A Lomax & Alan Lomax, 1934
info American Folk Tales & Songs, Robert Chase, 1971
info American Heartbeat: Travels From Woodstock To San Jose By Song Title, Mick Brown, 1993
info America on Record : A History of Recorded Sound, Andre Millard, 1995
info An American Rock History, Vol. 1: California The Golden State (1963 - 1985), 1987
info An American Rock History, Vol. 2: A Southwestern Pilgrimage: Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, 1990
info An American Rock History, Vol. 3: Chicago and Illinois (1960-1992), 1993
info An American Rock History, Vol. 4: Indiana, Iowa and Missouri (1960-1993), 1995
info An American Rock History, Vol. 5: The Midwest: Minnesota and Winsconsin (1960-1997), 1998
info American Song: The Complete Musical Theatre Companion 1900-1984, Vol 1 & 2, Ken Bloom, 1985
info American Troubadours: Groundbreaking Singer Songwriters Of The 60's, Mark Brend, 2001
info Ancient & Modern Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads &c, Collected by David Herd 1776, 1972
info Are You Ready for the Country?, Peter Doggett, 2001
info Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom: The Golden Age of Rock, Nik Cohn, 1972

info Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Eric Von Schmidt, Jim Rooney, 1979
info Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock 'n' Roll, Larry Birnbaum, 2013
info Behind The Song: Stories of 100 Great Pop and Rock Classics, Heatley / Leigh, 1998
info A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong (2 volumes), Charles Hayward, 1961
info The Billboard Book Of Number One Country Hits, Tom Roland, 1991
info Billboard Hot 100 Charts: The Sixties, Joel Whitburn, 1995
info Blacks, Whites and Blues, Tony Russell, 1970
info Blackwell Guide To Blues Records, Ed. Paul Oliver, 1989
info Blackwell Guide To Country Recordings, Ed. Bob Allen, 1992
info Blackwell Guide To Soul Recordings, Ed. Robert Pruter, 1993
info Blue Rhythms: Six Lives in Rhythm and Blues, Chip Deffaa, 1999
info Bluegrass: A History, Neil V. Rosenberg, 1993
info Bluegrass : An Informal Guide, Richard D Smith, 1995
info Bluegrass Breakdown, Robert Cantwell, 1992
info The Bluegrass Reader, Thomas Goldsmith (Ed), 2004
info Bluegrass LP Issues, 1957-1990, Compiler John L. Boothroyd, 1991
info Blues: A Regional Exploration, William J. O'Neal, 2007
info A Blues Bibliography, Robert Ford, 2007
info Blues Fell this Morning: Meaning in the Blues, Paul Oliver, 1960
info Blues Off The Record, Paul Oliver, 1984
info Blues-Rock Explosion, Summer McStravick, John Roos (Eds), 2002
info Blues: The British Connection, Bill Brunning, 1987
info The Bristol Sessions: Writings About the Big Bang of Country Music, Charles K. Wolfe and Ted Olsen (Eds), 2005
info Broadside: Songs of Our Times from the Pages of Broadside Magazine, Volume 1, 1964

info California Rock, Califormia Sound, Anthony Fawcett, Henry Diltz, 1979
info Carry It On!, Pete Seeger & Bob Reisner, 1986
info Catalyst: The Sun Records Story, Colin Escott, Martin Hawkins, 1975
info Celluloid Rock: Twenty Years of Movie Rock, Philip Jenkinson & Alan Warner, 1974
info Christgau's Record Guide: Rock Albums Of The Seventies, Robert Christgau, 1981
info Classic Country Singers, Douglas Green, 2008
info The Classic Rock and Roll Reader: Rock Music from Its Beginnings to the Mid-1970s, 1999
info Closing the Circle: Cultural History of the Rock Revolution, Herbert I London, 1984
info Conversation With The Blues, Paul Oliver, 1965
info Country, Nick Tosches, 1985
info The Country Blues, Samuel Charters, 1959
info Country Music Originals: The Legends and the Lost, Tony Russell, 2007
info Country Music Recorded Prior To 1943: A Discography Of LP Reissues, Willie Smyth, 1984
info Crossovers: Essays on Race, Music, and American Culture, John Szwed, 2006
info Crying For The Carolines, Bruce Bastin, 1971
info Cult Rockers, Wayne Jancik, Tad Lathrop, 1995

info The Da Capo Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, 1995
info The Dark Stuff, Nick Kent, 1995
info The Day is So Long and the Wages So Small, Samuel Charters, 1999
info Days In The Life:Voices From The English Underground 1961-1971, Jonathon Green, 1990
info Desperados: The Roots Of Country Rock, John Einarson, 2001
info Don't Get above Your Raisin': Country Music and the Southern Working Class, Bill C. Malone, 2001
info Down Beat: Sixty Years Of Jazz, Frank Alkyer (Ed.), 1995
info Dylan's Daemon Lover: The Tangled Tale Of A 450-Year Old Pop Ballad, Clinton Heylin, 1999

info Early Downhome Blues: A Musical and Cultural Analysis, Jeff Todd Titon, 1977
info Early Rockers, Howard Elson, 1982
info Electric Folk: The Changing Face of English Traditional Music, Britta Sweers, 2004
info Encyclopedia of British Beat and Solo Artists of the Sixties, 1980
info Encyclopedia of Hits: The 1960's, Davis McAleer, 1996
info Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock and Soul, Irwin Stambler, 1969 (final rev 1990)
info England is Mine: Pop Life in Albion from Wilde to Goldie, Michael Bracewell, 1997
no info English Folk Songs From The Southern Appalachians, Cecil Sharp, Maud Karpelis, 1966
no info English Folk Songs, Selected Edition, Cecil J. Sharp, 1959
info Every Chart-Topper Tells A Story: The Sixties, Sharon Davis, 1997
info Every Chart-Topper Tells A Story: The Seventies, Sharon Davis, 1998

info Feel Like Going Home: Portraits In Blues and Rock 'N' Roll, Peter Guralnick, 1971
info The Flashback: The Ultimate Psychedelic Music Guide, 1988
info Folk Music: A Regional Exploration, Norm Cohen, 2005
info Folk Music in Britain, Ireland and the USA, Clive D. Griffin, 1989
info Folk Song In England, A.L.Lloyd, 1967
info Folk Songs Collected by Ralph Vaughn Williams, Ed. Roy Palmer, 1983
info Follow the Music: The Life and High Times of Elektra Records, Jac Holzman, 2000
info Fuzz, Acid and Flowers: A Guide to American Garage, Psychedelic and Hippie Rock (64-75), 1993

no info Gennett Records of Old Time Tunes: A Catalog Reprint, 197?
info Good Rockin' Tonight: Sun Records & The Birth Of Rock 'N' Roll, Colin Escott, Martin Hawking, 1992
info The Great Psychedelic Discography, Martin C. Strong, 1998
info The Great Rock Discography, Martin C. Strong, 1996
info The Green Book of Songs by Subject, Jeff Green, 2002 (5th edition)
info The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 1992

info Halliwell Film Guide 7th Edition, 1989
info The Highway Is Alive Tonight: A History of American Protest Music, Marc Leverette, 2007
info The History Of The Blues: The Roots, The Music..., Francis Davis, 1995
info Hollywood Rock: A Guide To Rock `N' Roll In The Movies, Marshall Crenshaw, 1994
info Hollywood Song: The Complete Film & Musical Companion, Ken Bloom, 1994
info Homegrown Music: Discovering Bluegrass, Stephanie P. Ledgin, 2004
info Hotel California: The True-life Adventures of Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Mitchell, Taylor...., Barney Hoskyns, 2006

info Icons Of Rock: An Encyclopedia Of The Legends Who Changed Music Forever, Scott Schinder/Andy Schwartz, 2007
info The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock, Nick Logan, Bob Woffenden, 1976
info In The Country Of Country, Nicholas Dawidoff, 1997
info It Came From memphis: The Unturned Roots Of Rock And Roll, Robert Gordon, 1995

info Jazz Rock: A History, Stuart Nicholson, 1998

info A Left Hand Like God: A History of Boogie-Woogie Piano, Peter J Silvester, 1989
info The Legacy Of The Blues, Samuel Charters, 1975
info Life Flows On In Endless Song: Folk Songs and American History, Robert V. Wells, 2009
info Little Labels, Big Sound: Small Record Companies and the Rise of American Music, Rick Kennedy, Randy McNutt, 1999
info Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong, Norm Cohen, 1981/2000
info Lost Highway: Journeys and Arrivals of American Musicians, Peter Guralnick, 1979
info Louie Louie: The History And Mythology of ...., Dave Marsh, 1993

info Making People's Music: Moe Asch & Folkways Records, Peter D Goldsmith, 1998
info Making Tracks: The History of Atlantic Records, Charlie Gillett, 1973
info The Meaning Of The Blues, Paul Oliver, 1962
info Motown: The History, Sharon Davis, 1988
info Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock'n'Roll Music, Greil Marcus, 1975 (Revised ed. 2000)

info The Never-Ending Revival: Rounder Records and the Folk Alliance, Michael F. Scully, 2008
info The New Blackwell Guide to Recorded Blues, Ed. John Cowley, Paul Oliver, 1996
info The New Lost City Ramblers Songbook, Seeger / Cohen / Stephenson, 1964
info The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, 1983
info The NME Book Of Rock, 197?
info No One Waved Goodbye: A Casualty Report on Rock 'N' Roll, Robert Somma, 1971
info The North American Folk Music Revival: Nation And Identity in the United States And Canada, 1945-1980, Gillian Mitchell, 2007
info Nothing But The Blues, Lawrence Cohn (Ed), 1993
info Nowhere To Run: The Story Of Soul Music, Gerri Hirshey, 1984

info Old Time String Band Songbook, Eds. Mike Seeger, John Cohen, Holly Wood Stephenson, 1976
info The Oxford Dictionary Of Nursery Rhyme, Ed. Iona & Peter Opie, 1958
no info Ozark Folksongs, Vance Randolph, Edited & Abridged by Norm Cohen, 1982

info The Parlour Song Book: A Casquet Of Vocal Gems, Ed. Michael R Turner & Antony Miall, 1972
no info Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Song, Vol 1. 1950-59, Nat Shapiro, 197?
no info Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Song, Vol 2. 1940-49, Nat Shapiro, 197?
no info Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Song, Vol 3. 1960-64, Nat Shapiro, 197?
no info Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Song, Vol 4. 1930-39, Nat Shapiro, 197?
no info Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Song, Vol 5. 1920-29, Nat Shapiro, 197?
no info Popular Music: An Annotated Index Of American Popular Song, Vol 6. 1965-69, Nat Shapiro, 197?
info Popular Music Since 1955: A Critical Guide to the Literature, Paul Taylor, 1985
info Pretty Good for a Girl: Women in Bluegrass, Murphy Hicks Henry, 2013
info Psychedelic Psounds, Alan Vorda, 1989
info The Psychedelic Rock Files, Jerry Lucky, 2003

no info RED MusicMaster 7th Edition, 199?
info Red River Blues: The Blues Tradition In The Southeast, Bruce Bastin, 1986
info The Resisting Muse: Popular Music and Social Protest, Ian Peddie, 2006
info Rhythm Oil: A Journey Through The Music Of The American South, Stanley Booth, 1991
info Rip It Up!: Rock 'n' Roll Rulebreakers, Denise Sullivan, 2001
info Roadkill on the Three-Chord Highway: Art and Trash in American Popular Music, Colin Escott, 2002
info Rock 100, David Dalton, Lenny Kaye, 1977
info The Rock & Roll Almanac, Mark Bego, 1996
info Rock 'N' Roll Heaven, Nikki Corvette, 1997
info Rock File, Charlie Gillett (Ed), 1982
info Rock from the Beginning, Nik Cohn, 1969
info Rock Movers and Shakers: An A-Z of People Who Made Rock Happen, Luke Crampton, 1988
info Rockabilly: A Forty-Year Journey, Billy Poore, 1998
info The Rockin' '50s: The Decade That Transformed the Pop Music Scene, Arnold Shaw, 1974
info The Rockin' '60s: The People Who Made the Music, Brock Helander, 1999
info Rockspeak!: The Language of Rock and Pop, Simon Warner, 1996
info The Rolling Stone Album Guide, 1992
info The Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock, 1997
info The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, 1983 (rev 2001)
info The Rolling Stone Illustrated History Of Rock & Roll, 1992
info Rolling Stone Magazine: The Uncensored History, Robert Draper, 1990
info The Rolling Stone Record Guide, Editors: Dave Marsh, John Swenson, 1979
info Rolling Stone Rock Almanac: The Chronicle of Rock & Roll, Editors of Rolling Stone, 1983
info Romancing the Folk: Public Memory and American Roots Music, Benjamin Filene, 2000
info Roots and Rhythm Guide To Rock, Frank Scott. Al Ennis et al, 1993
info Rock: The Rough Guide, 1999

info Screening The Blues: Aspects Of The Blues Tradition, Paul Oliver, 1968
info The Seventies: A Tumultuous Decade Reconsidered, 2000
info She's A Rebel: The History of Women in Rock 'N' Roll, Gillian G. Gaar, 1992
info Sing For Freedom: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Its Songs, Guy and Candie Carawan, 1990
info Sing Me Back Home: Love, Death, and Country Music, Dana Jennings, 2008
info Sing My Way Home: Voices of the New American Roots Rock, Keith and Kent Zimmerman, 2004
info Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers: Southern Culture and the Roots of Country Music, Bill C. Malone, 1993
info Sixties Rock: A Listener's Guide, Robert Santelli, 1985
info Songs and Southern Breezes: Country Folk and Country Ways, Bob Copper, 1973
info Songs Of The American West, Richard E Lingafelta, Richard A Dwyer, David Cohen, 1968
info Songsters & Saints: Vocal Tradition On Race Records, Paul Oliver, 1984
info Sonic Cool: The Life and Death of Rock N Roll, Joe Harrington, 2002
info Soulsville U.S.A: The Story of Stax Records, Rob Bowman, 1997
info Southern Music : American Music, Bill C. Malone, David Stricklin, 2002
no info Southern Mountain Folksongs, W. K. McNeil, 1993
no info Southern Folk Ballads, Vol II, W. K. McNeil, 1988
info Southwest Shuffle: Pioneers Of Honky-Tonk, Western Swing and Country Jazz, Rich Kienzle, 2003
info Spinning Blues into Gold: The Chess Brothers and the Legendary Chess Records, Nadine Cohodas, 2000
info Stagolee Shot Billy, Cecil Brown, 2003
info The Story Of The Blues, Paul Oliver, 1969 (revised 1999)
info Sweet Soul Music: Rhythm & Blues And The Southern Dream Of Freedom, Peter Guralnick, 1986

info Take Me Home: The Rise Of Country And Western Music, Steven D Price, 1974
info Tapestry Of Delights, Vernon Joynson, 1998
info Tattooed on Their Tongues: A Journey Through the Backrooms of American Music, Colin Escott, 1996
info Tennessee Strings: The Story Of Country Music In Tennessee, Charles K. Wolfe, 1977
info That Old Time Rock & Roll: A Chronicle of an Era, 1954-1963, Richard Aquila, 1989
info Tin Pan Alley: The Composers, the Songs, the Performers and Their Times, David A Jansen, 1989
no info Tracks 4th Edition, Music Master, 199?
no info The Traditional Tunes Of The Child Ballads, Vol II, Bertrand Harris Bronson, 1962
info Traditional Musicians of the Central Blue Ridge, Marty McGee, 2000
info Travellers' Songs From England & Scotland, Ewan McColl & Peggy Seeger, 1977
info Turning Points in Rock and Roll, Hank Bordowitz, 2004

info Undercurrents: The Hidden Wiring of Modern Music, Rob Young, 2003

info Very Seventies: A Cultural History Of The 1970s, From The Pages Of Crawdaddy, 1995

info Waiting For The Sun, Barney Hoskins, 1996
info When Rock Was Young: A Nostalgic Review of the Top Forty Era, Bruce Pollock, 1981
info When the Music Mattered: Rock in the 1960's, Bruce Pollock, 1983
info White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960's, Joe Boyd, 2006
info Who Sang What In Rock'n'Roll, Alan Warner, 1990
info Who Wrote That Song?, Dick Jacobs and Harriet Jacobs, 1994
info A Whore Just Like the Rest: The Music Writings of Richard Meltzer, Richard Meltzer, 2000

info Yonder Come The Blues, Paul Oliver et al, 2001

Books about specific performers or group (alphabetically by performer name)

See the Grateful Dead and San Francisco books pages for the Grateful Dead and other San Francisco groups.

info Midnight Riders: The Story Of The Allman Brothers Band, Scott Freeman, 1995
info Skydog: The Duane Allman Story, Randy Poe, 2006

info This Wheels's On Fire: Levon Helm And The Story Of The Band, Levon Helm/Stephen Davis, 1993
info Across The Great Divide, Barney Hoskins, 1993
info Beatlesongs, William J Dowlding, 1989
info The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia, Bill Harry, 1992
info Abbey Road/Let It Be: Classic Albums, Peter Doggett, 199?
info Chuck Berry: The Autobiography, Chuck Berry, 1987
info Chuck Berry: The Biography, John Collis, 19??
info Brown Eyed Handsome Man: The Life and Hard Times of Chuck Berry, Bruce Pegg, 2002
info The Byrds: Timeless Flight, Johnny Rogan, 1997

info Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone? The Carter Family & Their Legacy in American Music, Zwonitzer/Hirshberg, 2002
info Bad Moon Rising: The Unauthorized History of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Hank Bordowitz, 1998
info Crowe On The Banjo: The Music Life of J.D. Crowe, Marty Godbey, 2011

info Miles Davis: A Critical Biography, Ian Carr
info Miles, Miles Davis / Quincy Troupe, 1990
info No More Sad Refrains: The Life & Times Of Sandy Denny, Clinton Heylin, 2000
info Working Girl Blues: The Life and Music of Hazel Dickens, Hazel Dickens and Bill C. Malone, 2008
info Bo Diddley : Living Legend, George White, 199?
info The Complete Bo Diddley Sessions, George R White, 1993
info I Am The Blue: The Willie Dixon Story, Willie Dixon with Don Snowden
info Bob Dylan, Anthony Scaduto, 1971
info Dylan Behind Closed Doors, The Recording Sessions 1960-1994, Clinton Heylin, 1996
info Bob Dylan: Watching The River Flow, Paul Williams, 1996
info Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes, Greil Marcus, 1997
info My Back Pages: Classic Bob Dylan 1962-1969, Andy Gill, 1998
info Song & Dance Man III: The Art Of Bob Dylan, Michael Gray, 2000
info Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades Revisited, Clinton Heylin, 2001
info Simple Twist Of Fate: Bob Dylan and The Making Of Blood On The Tracks, Gill / Odegard, 2004
info Chronicles: Volume One, Bob Dylan, 2005
info The Songs He Didn't Write: Bob Dylan Under the Influence, Derek Barker, 2009
info Revolution in the Air: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1957-1973, Clinton Heylin, 2009
info Tangled Up In Tunes: Ballad Of A Dylanhead, Howard F. Weiner, 2012

info Everly Brothers: Walk Right Back, Roger White, 1984 (rev 1998)

info Hot Burritos: The True Story of The Flying Burrito Brothers, John Einarson, 2008

info Divided Soul: The Life Of Marvin Gaye, David Ritz, 1991
info I Heard It Through the Grapevine: Marvin Gaye : The Biography, Sharon Davis, 1992
info Rock & Roll Doctor: The Music of Lowell George and Little Feat, Mark Brend, 2002
info Woody Guthrie, A Life, Joe Klein, 1982
info Prophet Singer: The Voice and Vision of Woody Guthrie, Mark Allan Jackson, 2007

info I Me Mine, George Harrison with Derek Taylor, 1980
info Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix & The Post-War Rock 'N' Roll Revolution, Charles Shaar Murray, 1989
info Remembering Buddy, John Goldrosen and John Beecher, 1987
info Boogie Man: The Adventures of John Lee Hooker in the American Twentieth Century, Charles Shaar Murray, 2000
info Mississippi John Hurt: His Life, His Times, His Blues, Philip R. Ratcliffe, 2011

info Be Glad: An Incredible String Band Compendium, Adrian Whittaker (Ed), 2004

info Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch & The Britsh Folk & Blues Revival, Colin Harper, 2000
info Searching for Robert Johnson, Peter Guralnick, 1989

info Blues Boy: The Life and Music of B.B. King, Sebastian Danchin, 1998
info Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards, Al Kooper, 1998

info In Close Harmony: The Story of the Louvin Brothers, Charles K. Wolfe, 1996

info The Music of Bill Monroe, Neil V. Rosenberg, Charles K. Wolfe, 2007
no info Bluegrass 1950-1955 Bill Monroe, Charles K Wolfe & Neil V Rosenberg, 1989
info Can't You Hear Me Callin': The Life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass, Richard D. Smith, 2001
info Come Hither to Go Yonder: Playing Bluegrass with Bill Monroe, Bob Black, 2005
info The Bill Monroe Reader, Tom Ewing (Ed), 2006
info Bossmen: Bill Monroe & Muddy Waters, James Rooney, 1971
info Van Morrison : Too Late To Stop Now, Steve Turner, 1993
info Can You Feel The Silence: Van Morrison: A New Biography, Clinton Heylin, 2003

info The Brothers: An Autobiography, David Ritz / Neville Brothers, 2000
info Gone To The Country: The New Lost City Ramblers & The Folk Music Revival, Ray Allen, 2010

info Papa John, John Phillips w/ Jim Jerome, 1986
info Last Train To Memphis: The Rise Of Elvis Presley, Peter Guralnick, 1995
info Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley, Peter Guralnick, 2000

info Jimmie Rodgers, Nolan Porterfield, 1991
info The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers: A Legacy in Country Music, Jocelyn R. Neal, 2009

info Somebody To Love? A Rock-And-Roll Memoir, Grace Slick, Andrea Cagan, 1999
info Travelling The Highway Home: Ralph Stanley ...., John Wright, 1993
info The Stonemans, An Appalachian Family and the Music That Shaped Their Lives, Ivan M. Tribe, 1993

info Temptations, Otis Williams with Patricia Romanowski, 1988

info The Mayor of MacDougal Street: A Memoir, Dave Van Ronk with Elijah Wald, 2005
info Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Eric Von Schmidt, Jim Rooney, 1979

info Bossmen: Bill Monroe & Muddy Waters, James Rooney, 1971
info Before I Get Old: The Story of the Who, Dave Marsh, 1983
info Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of The Who 1958-1978, Andrew Neill and Matthew Kent, 2002
no info Winwood : Keep On Running, The Steve Winwood Story, Chris Welch with Steve Winwood, 1989
info Sing a Sad Song: The Life of Hank Williams, Roger M., Williams, 1981
info Hank Williams: The Biography, Colin Escott, with George Merritt and William MacEwan, 1994
info Stevie Wonder: Rhythms of Wonder, Sharon Davis, 2003
info Stevie Wonder: A Musical Guide to the Classic Albums, Steve Lodder, 2005

Magazines and fanzines

Many magazines and fanzines have contributed to the information collected together on the pages of this site but as the majority of these were read before the site existed there is no record of what information came from what source or even what was read. The following publications contributed in one way or another.

info Beat Instrumental
info Billboard
info Blues Unlimited
no info Bucketful Of Brains
info Circus
info Comstock Lode
info Crawdaddy
info Creem
info Dark Star
info Dirty Linen
info Down Beat
info Duprees Diamond News
info Folk Review
info Folk Roots
info Freakbeat
info fRoots
info The Golden Road
info Goldmine
no info Grateful Dead Almanac
info Guitar Player
info The History Of Rock
info Hit Parader
info Holding Together
info Ice
info Jazz & Pop
info Let It Rock
info Masters Of Rock
no info Melody Maker
no info Mojo
info Mojo Navigator
no info New Musical Express
info Ptolemaic Terrascope
no info Record Collector
info Relix
info Rock
info Rolling Stone
info Shindig!
info Sing Out!
info The Southern Rag
info Spiral Light
info Strange Things Are Happening
info Trouser Press
info Ugly Things
info Unbroken Chain
info The Wire
info ZigZag

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