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Tom Constanten Discography

Tom Constanten played keyboards for the Grateful Dead for a short period at the end of the 1960s. He initially contributed to the recording of Anthem Of The Sun in 1967. Subsequently he joined the Dead in November 1968 and performed and recorded as a group member until leaving in January 1970.

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Solo, group leader or co-leader albums

info Tarot, Touchstone, 1972
info Fresh Tracks In Real Time, Tom Constanten, 1989
info OutSides, Tom Constanten, 1990
info Sonatas by Beethoven, Schubert and Hadyn, Tom Constanten, 1991
info Nightfall Of Diamonds, Tom Constanten, 1992
info Morning Dew, Tom Constanten, 1993
info Dead Ringers, Dead Ringers, 1994
info Embryonic Journey, Jorma Kaukonen and Tom Constanten, 1994
info The Siamese Stepbrothers, The Siamese Stepbrothers, 1995
info Live In Concert At The Piano, Tom Constanten, 1996
info Sonic Roar Shock, Dose Hermanos, 1997
info Live From California, Dose Hermanos, 1998
info Shadow Of The Invisible Man (DVD), Dose Hermanos, 1999
info Grateful Dreams, Tom Constanten, 2000
info Search For Intelligent Life, Dose Hermanos, 2000
info 88 Keys to Tomorrow, Tom Constanten, 2002
info Bright Shadows, Dose Hermanos, 2004
info Moved To Stanleyville, Tom Constanten & Ken Foust, 2006
info Deep Expressions, Longtime Known, Tom Constanten, 2006
info Into the Future, Normal Bean Band & Tom Constanten, 2013
info Batique, Dose Hermanos, 2014

Solo, group leader or co-leader on various artist compilations

info Relix Sampler #4, Various Artists, 1992
info Relix Bay Rock Shop No. 2, Various Artists, 1992
info Relix Sampler #5, Various Artists, 1993
info Relix Bay Rock Shop No. 5, Various Artists, 1993
info Relix Magazine's 20th Anniversary Concert, Various Artists, 1994
info Out On The Rolling Sea, Various Artists, 1995 *
info Relix's Best Of Truck Driving Songs, Various Artists, 1997
info Dead Delites, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1998
info Dead Delites, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1998
info Dead Delites, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1998
info Third Annual Gathering on the Mountain, Various Artists, 1999 *
info Relix Bay Record Shop, Vol. 9 : Tribute To Jerry Garcia, Various Artists, 1999
info Gathering On The Mountain: Live Part 1, Various Artists, 2000 *
info Gathering On The Mountain: Live Part 2, Various Artists, 2000 *
info Greatest Hits Of The Smoke-In, Vol.1, Various Artists, 2005 *
info Operation Stardust: 45 Years - Perry Rhodan, Various Artists, 2006 *
info The Spirit Of Sireena Vol. 3, Various Artists, 2008

* include previously unreleased TC tracks

Playing contributions to other albums, singles and compilations

info Anthem Of The Sun, Grateful Dead, 1968
info Aoxomoxoa, Grateful Dead, 1969
info Single (Dupree's Diamond Blues / Cosmic Charlie), Grateful Dead, 1969
info Live/Dead, Grateful Dead, 1969
info The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show, Various Artists, 1969
info U, Incredible String Band, 1970
info The Big Ball, Various Artists, 1970
info Zabriskie Point Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1970
info Skeletons From The Closet, Grateful Dead, 1974
info The Grateful Dead / Anthem Of The Sun, Grateful Dead, 1976?
info What A Long Strange Trip It's Been, Grateful Dead, 1977
info Duino Elegies, Robert Hunter, 1988
info Stoned Again: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones, Various Artists, 1988
info Alternate Versions, Henry Kaiser, 1989
info Heart's Desire, Henry Kaiser, 1990
info Rock Goes To The Movies - Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1990
info Hope You Like Our New Direction, Henry Kaiser, 1991
info A Victorian Christmas, Robin Petrie, 1991
info Rock Goes To The Movies - In Dreams, Various Artists, 1992
info A Victorian Noel, Robin Petrie, 1993
info Duino Elegies/The Sonnets To Orpheus, Robert Hunter, 1993
info Grayfolded : Transitive Axis, Grateful Dead / John Oswald, 1994
info Eternity Blue, Henry Kaiser, 1995
info Grayfolded : Mirror Ashes, Grateful Dead / John Oswald, 1995
info Grayfolded, Grateful Dead / John Oswald, 1996
info Blues For Allah Project, Joe Gallant And Illuminati, 1996
info A Vine Way To Escape, Project Grape Escape, 1997
info Fillmore East 2.11.69, Grateful Dead, 1997
info New York Downtown, Jazz and Other Sounds, Various Artists, 1997
info Fallout From The Phil Zone, Grateful Dead, 1997 (3 tracks only)
info Zabriskie Point Soundtrack (Extended double CD version), Various Artists, 1997
info Guitars On Mars - Ocean of Sound, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 1997
info So Many Roads (1965-1995), Grateful Dead, 1999 (one track only)
info Dick's Picks, Vol. 16, Grateful Dead, 2000
info Dead Delites, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 2000
info Best Of The Grateful Dead Hour, Grateful Dead, 2000
info Jamazon, Reverend Tor, 2001
info The Best of 1966-1974, Incredible String Band, 2001
info The Golden Road (1965-1973), Grateful Dead, 2001
info Dick's Picks, Vol. 26, Grateful Dead, 2002
info The Very Best Of The Grateful Dead, Grateful Dead, 2003
info Jan 29, 2004, Charlotte, NC, Dark Star Orchestra, 2004
info Free, funkUs, 2005
info Fillmore West 1969: The Complete Recordings, Grateful Dead, 2005
info Fillmore West 1969: Compilation, Grateful Dead, 2005
info Shimmy Shack, Shimmy Shack, 2005
info For Rex : The Black Tie Dye Ball, The Zen Tricksters and Special Guests, 2006
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007
info Mick's Picks, Volume 3: Substage, Karlsruhe June 16, 2004, Jefferson Starship, 2008 *
info Relix Collection, Jorma Kaukonen, 2009
info Performing Jefferson Airplane @ Woodstock, Jefferson Starship, 2009
info Henry Kaiser Plays Dead, Henry Kaiser, 2009
info Road Trips: Vol 4, Number 1: Big Rock Pow Wow 69, Grateful Dead, 2010
info The Best Of Mick's Picks, Jefferson Starship, 2012
info Tales From the Mothership: Roswell UFO Festival July 3, 2009, Jefferson Starship, 2012
info Dave's Picks Volume 6: San Francisco 12/20/69 & St. Louis 2/2/70, Grateful Dead, 2013
info Dave's Picks Bonus CD 2013, Grateful Dead, 2013
info Dave's Picks Volume 10: Thelma, Los Angeles, CA 12/12/69, Grateful Dead, 2014
info Dave's Picks Bonus CD 2014, Grateful Dead, 2014
info Dave's Picks Volume 19: Honolulu, 1/23/70, Grateful Dead, 2016
info Long Strange Trip, Grateful Dead, 2017
info Fillmore West 1969: February 27th, Grateful Dead, 2018
info The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live, 2018
info Anthem Of The Sun (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition), Grateful Dead, 2018
info Dave's Picks Volume 30: Fillmore East, 2/1/70, Grateful Dead, 2019
info Fillmore West 1969: February 28th, Grateful Dead, 2019
info Dave's Picks Bonus CD 2019, Grateful Dead, 2019
info Aoxomoxoa (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition), Grateful Dead, 2019
info The Story Of The Grateful Dead, Grateful Dead, 2020
info Fillmore West 1969: March 1st, Grateful Dead, 2022
info Dave's Picks Volume 43: San Francisco, 11/2/69 / Dallas, 12/26/69, Grateful Dead, 2022


info Waltzes: Piano, Various Artists (inc. Tom Constanten), 1978
info The Syntax Collector: Some Antics For Piano....., Tom Constanten, 1987

Albums that include cover versions of Tom Constanten compositions

info The Waltz Project, Various Artists, 1981
info Electric Guitar Quartet, Electric Guitar Quartet, 1983
info West Coast Music For Guitar, Joe Miller, 1991
info Stories in Black and White, Bob Bralove, 2007
info Panorama of American Piano Music: From Antheil to Zappa, Yvar Mikhashoff, 2013

Anthem Of The Sun
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Heart's Desire
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Nightfall Of Diamonds
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Morning Dew
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Dead Ringers
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Sonic Roar Shock
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88 Keys To Tomorrow
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Deep Expressions Longtime Known
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