White Rabbit
Composer: Grace Slick

Teased by the Grateful Dead but never performed in full.

Great Society

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Jefferson Airplane

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Jefferson Starship / Starship

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Other recordings

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no info White Rabbit, George Benson, 1972
no info Machine Gun Etiquette, The Damned, 1979
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no info The Best of the Damned, The Damned, 1981
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no info Collection, The Damned, 1992
no info Techno-Pop World, David Diebold, 1992
no info White Rabbit, White Flag, 1993
no info Shut up Kitty, Various Artists, 1993
no info Light's Broken Speech Revived, Jim Aikin, 1993
no info Thalia, Mephisto Walz, 1995
no info Alice D, World Bang, 1996
no info God Shave the Queen, Various Artists (Varla Jean Merman), 1996
no info Lost, Eggs @ 8:14, 1997
no info Darkest Hour, Various Artists (Mephisto Waltz), 1997
no info Marvellous: The Best of the Damned, The Damned, 1999
no info Imprinting, Halflife, 2000
no info Deep Purple, Holly Shelton, 2000
no info Step into My World, Common Tongue, 2000
no info The Anaesthetics, The Anaesthetics, 2001
no info The Taste of the Leftovers, Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black, 2001
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no info Drivin' 'N' Dyin' in Texas, The Blue Flames, 2003
no info The Complex, Blue Man Group, 2003
no info Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again, Various Artists (Enon), 2003
info Foundation, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 200?
info Twelve, Patti Smith, 2007
info Last Of The Jewish Pirates, Steve Lieberman, 2007
info Quack Rock: Five Duckades Of Accordion Mega-Hits, Duckmandu, 2011
info 1/29/16, Asheville, NC, Yonder Mountain String Band, 2016

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