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Grateful Dead Videos, DVDs and DVD Audio

This section of the discography lists Grateful Dead and related video and DVD releases. It includes commercially released videos and DVDs that were made by the Grateful Dead, that include the Grateful Dead or a member of the Dead, or that include a Grateful Dead songs.

Only material that is known to have been released commercially on video and/or DVD is included. Some items listed have not been released in their own right but have been included as part of a larger work. Other film and television appearances and citings are not included.

See the Grateful Dead at the movies page for a list that also includes movies that include a reference to the Grateful Dead.

Additions, corrections and comments are welcome

Video/DVD subject index

Grateful Dead releases
Grateful Dead box sets
Other GD performance footage
Grateful Dead DVDAudio
Feature a member of the Grateful Dead
Perf. footage of covers of Dead songs
Soundtrack use of GD songs
Instructional releases

The major Grateful Dead video/DVD releases

info The Grateful Dead Movie, Grateful Dead, 1981
info Dead Ahead, Grateful Dead, 1981
info So Far, Grateful Dead, 1987
info Making of Touch of Grey, Grateful Dead, 1987
info Backstage Pass, Grateful Dead, 1992
info Infrared Sightings, Grateful Dead, 1992
info Ticket To New Years (Oakland Coliseum, New Year's Eve 1987), 1996
info Downhill From Here (Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, July 17, 1989), 1997
info Anthem to Beauty, Grateful Dead, 1998
info View From The Vault (Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, July 8, 1990), 2000
info View From The Vault II (RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C., June 14, 1991), 2001
info View From The Vault III (Shoreline Amphitheatre, June 16, 1990), 2002
info View From The Vault IV (Oakland July 24, 1987 and Anaheim July 26, 1987), 2003
info The Closing of Winterland, 2003
info The Grateful Dead Movie (remastered and extended DVD), Grateful Dead, 2004
info Truckin' Up To Buffalo, Grateful Dead, 2005
info Dead Ahead Expanded DVD, Grateful Dead, 2005
info Rocking The Cradle: Egypt 1978, Grateful Dead, 2008
info Through the Years, Grateful Dead, 2009
info Crimson, White and Indigo, Grateful Dead, 2010
info Sunshine Daydream, Veneta, 8/27/72, Grateful Dead, 2013
info Fare Thee Well July 3, 4 & 5 2015 Complete Box, 2015
info Fare Thee Well July 5, 2015, 2015

Box sets of Grateful Dead video/DVD releases

info The Concerts, Grateful Dead, 1996
info Grateful Dead Collection, Grateful Dead, 1997
info Live In Concert Box Set, 2000
info View from the Vault I, II, III (3 DVD Box Set), 2002
info All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection, Grateful Dead, 2012

Other videos/DVDs that include performance footage of the Grateful Dead

info Petulia, Feature film, 1968
info Playboy After Dark, 1969
info Calebration, Grateful Dead/Quicksilver Messenger Service, 1970
info Fillmore, 1972
info MTV Closet Classics, Various Artists, 1986
info Casey Kasem's Rock 'n Roll Goldmine: the San Francisco Sound, 1987
info Berkeley In The Sixties, 1990
info The Peace Tapes, Various Artists, 1992
info My Generation - California Rock, Various Artists, 1993
info History of Rock 'n' Roll: My Generation, Documentary, 1995
no info Tie-Died:Rock N Rolls Most Deadicated, 1997
info Timothy Leary's Last Trip, 1997
info Feed Your Head, Documentary, 1997
info Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998
info Rock Icons: Guitar Gods, Various Artists, 2001
info Beat Club: The Best Of 72, Various Artists, 2001
info The Best Of Beat Club 65 to 73, Various Artists, 2001
info The Cockettes, 2002
info Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music, Various Artists, 2003
info Casey Kasem's Rock n' Roll Goldmine: The San Francisco Sound, Various Artists, 2004
info Casey Kasem's Rock n' Roll Goldmine Boxed Set, Various Artists, 2004
info Festival Express, Various Artists, 2003 (DVD release 2004)
info The History of Rock and Roll, Documentary, 2004
info Saturday Night Live: First 5 Years, Various Artists, 2005
info The Tomorrow Show: Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show, 2006
info Playboy After Dark, Vol. 2, 2007
info A Night At The Family Dog, Various Artists, 2007
info The Bickershaw Festival 1972, Various Artists, 2007
info Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fourth Season, 2008
info Go Ride the Music and West Pole, Various Artists, 2008
info Fillmore: The Last Days, Various Artists, 2009
info Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music: 40th Anniversary (various editions), Various Artists, 2009
info Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fifth Season, 2009

Grateful Dead DVDAudio

info Workingman's Dead DVDAudio, Grateful Dead, 2001
info American Beauty DVDAudio, Grateful Dead, 2001
info DVDAudio Surround Sound Music Sampler, Grateful Dead, 2003?

Videos/DVDs that include a contribution by a member or members of the Grateful Dead

info Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and Music, 1970
info Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones, 1970
info Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978
info Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, 1981
info Endangered Species, 1982
info Hell's Angels Forever, Documentary, 1983
info Olatunji and his Drums of Passion, Babtunde Olatunji, 1986
info A Night On The Town, Bruce Hornsby, 1990
info Timeless Voices, The Gyuto Monks, 1990?
info Rockpalast Live, Bruce Hornsby and the Range, 1991
info Bobby and the Midnites, Bobby and the Midnites, 1991
info The Music Tells You, Branford Marsalis, 1992
info Latino Session, Various Artists (including Garcia), 1993
info Bill Monroe: Father Of Bluegrass Music, 1993
info Baseball: The American Epic, 1994
info Live at the Acropolis, Kodo, 1995
info Ocean Spirit, Documentary film, 1995
info Rock & Roll, Vol 3: Crossroads / Blues in Technicolor, 1995
no info Kundun, 1997
info Panther Dream, Wendy Weir / Bob Weir, 1998?
info Indoscrub DVD Video Single, Mickey Hart, 1998
info Hellhounds On My Trail: The Afterlife of Robert Johnson, 1999
info The Source, Documentary, 1999
info Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock, 1999
info Shadow Of The Invisible Man, Dose Hermanos, 1999?
info The Light Of The Spirit, Kitaro, 2000
info Electric Guitarslinger: John Cipollina, Documentary, 2000
info Blues From the Rainforest: A Musical Suite, Merl Saunders, 2000
info Acoustic Blues Live At Sweetwater, Hot Tuna, 2000
info Grateful Dawg, David Grisman/Jerry Garcia, 2001
info The Journey, Documentary, 2001
info Live From Bonnaroo, Various Artists, 2002
info Rising Low, Documentary, 2002
info The Deep End, Vol. 2, Gov't Mule, 2002
info Todd Rundgren - Live in Japan 1990, Todd Rundgren, 2002
info California Dreamin', Documentary, 2002
info California Dreamin', Vol. 5: Flowerpower, Documentary, 2002
info From the Front Row: Live, Kingfish, 2003 (DVD Audio)
info 270 Miles from Graceland: Live from Bonnaroo 2003, Various Artists, 2003
info Live At The Fillmore, String Cheese Incident, 2003
info Go Further, Documentary film, 2004
info Bruce Hornsby & Friends, Performance film, 2004
info All-Star Bluegrass Celebration, Performance film, 2004
info Live From Bonnaroo 2004, Various Artists, 2005
info The End of the Road: A Tribute: The Final Tour '95, Grateful Dead, 2005
info Rockin' at the Red Dog: The Dawn of Psychedelic Rock, 2005
info Three Nights on the Town, Bruce Hornsby, 2005
info Live at Shoreline, Jerry Garcia Band, 2005
info The Last Great Traffic Jam, Traffic, 2005
info Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Rock Club, Documentary, 2005
info Genghis Blues, Documentary, 2005
info Disco: Spinning the Story, Documentary, 2005
info Electric Apricot: Quest For Festeroo, Fictional documentary, 2006
info The Best of the Jammys, Vol. One, 2006
info Songs That Changed The World : Chuck Berry : Maybellene, 2007
info The Best of the Jammys, Vol. Two, 2007
info Chasin' Gus' Ghost, Documentary, 2007
info The Rhythm Devils Concert Experience, The Rhythm Devils, 2008
info Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Live (DVD), Various Artists, 2009
info World's Greatest Dad, Feature Film, 2009
info Recoil: John Cipollina In Music And Memory, 2010
info Love For Levon (DVD), Various Artists, 2013
info Move Me Brightly performance/documentary, 2013
info Dear Jerry: Celebrating The Music Of Jerry Garcia, Various Artists, 2016

Videos/DVDs that include covers of Dead songs

info Rock Bottom Remainders, Rock Bottom Remainders, 1992
info A Tribute to Jerry Garcia, Deadheads Festival, Japan 1997, Various Artists, 1997 (laser disc)
info High Adventures In Japan, David Nelson Band, 1998
info Five Man Video Band, Tesla, 1998
info Celebrity, 1998
info Runaway Bride, 1999
info Wires, Hearts and Magic, David Nelson Band, 2000
info Five Man Video Band, Tesla, 2002
info Live '94-'96, Sublime, 2002
info Live At The Powerhouse, David Gans, 2003
info Live From Austin TX, Susan Tedeschi, 2004
info Sight, Keller Williams, 2005
info Live at Wrigley Field, Jimmy Buffett, 2006
info Live from Austin, TX (DVD), Cory Morrow, 2007
info Live At Bearsville Theater, Dar Williams (DVD), 2007
info Ithaca 30 Years Later (DVD), Dark Star Orchestra, 2008
info 30 Years, Jake's Leg, 2008
info Love For Levon (DVD), Various Artists, 2013
info Songs Of Their Own, Various Artists, 2015
info Dear Jerry: Celebrating The Music Of Jerry Garcia, Various Artists, 2016

Videos/DVDs of movies/documentaries that include songs by the Dead or members of the Dead

info Zabriskie Point, 1970
info Death Sport, 1978
info Apocalypse Now, 1979
info More American Graffiti, 1979
info Xanadu, 1980
info Heartbeeps, 1981
info Vietnam: A Television History, 1983
no info Heavenly Bodies, 1984
info Mask, 1985
info The Twilight Zone, TV series, 1985-1988
info One More Saturday Night, 1986
info Dominoes: An Uncensored Journey through the 60's, Documentary, 1988
info Rude Awakening, 1989
info Comic Book Confidential, Documentary, 1989
info Flashback, 1990
info When You Remember Me, 1990
info The Indian Runner, 1991
info Backdraft, 1991
info Clockers, 1995
info Smoke, 1995
info Flirting With Disaster, 1996
info Tin Cup, 1996
info Headcandy: Sidney's Psychedelic Adventure, 1997
info Warriors Of Virtue, 1997
info Great Expectations, 1998
info As Good As It Gets, 1998
info Walk On The Moon, 1999
info Runaway Bride, 1999
info The Joyriders, 1999
no info Mr Music, 1999
info Around The Fire, 1999?
info Girl Interrupted, 2000
info Wildflowers, 2000
info Bamboozled, 2000
info Running Free, 2000
info Apocalypse Now Redux, 2001
info Taken, TV mini-series, 2002
info The Dreamers, 2005
info Soiled Dove (DVD), Jefferson Starship, 2009
info The Music Never Stopped, 2011
info Wretches & Jabberers, 2011
info Welcome To Dopeland, 2011
info Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding, 2012
info Foxcatcher, 2014
info Wild, 2014


info 60s Psychedelic Guitar, 1998 (video and booklet)
info Music of the Grateful Dead : Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar, 2001 (video and book)
info Grateful Dead: Play Their Songs Now: Song Xpress, 2005 (DVD)
info Learn Seven Grateful Dead Classics For Acoustic Guitar, Homespun, 2010

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